2 Ways To Fix Nest No Power To RH Wire

The Nest thermostat is a great device that will help you adjust and control the temperature of your entire house. This feature will be extremely essential for people especially because in the US, the temperature and weather can change drastically with the seasons. In the winters especially,  the cold temperatures can be hard to bear even in your house. In order to avoid freezing in the winters, a thermostat can be bought to adjust the temperature of your house so that the inside stays warm.

The added bonus of having a Nest Thermostat is that it comes with smart control features that helps you operate it through your phone. However as we know for most smart devices, even the Nest thermostat encounters issues from time to time. 

We have looked through these problems and found that a good number of Nest thermostat users have encountered a problem that said the Nest thermostat has no power to RH wire. This error has a code name of error code E74.

What Nest has said about this particular error is that it occurs when the RH wire receives no power. Now, it would be even better for you if you could pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem. Here are some causes and solutions we think your Nest might be encountering and why it is displaying the error. 

Furnace May Be Overloading

The most common reason why users are facing this issue can be because there is an interference in the power. The power supply to the thermostat is being cut off by something that is the sole reason for causing the problem. You need to conduct a thorough check on the panels and secure them if necessary.

There might be a chance that  the condensation overflow safeties might be the problem that causes the error. The main cause of this happening must be that your furnace overloaded at times. If the overflow is the problem then you need to solve the issue immediately to get the device working again.

Contact Support/Call-In A Technician

It is possible for you to check your house’s wiring but you should do this only if you have sufficient knowledge on the subject. We would recommend you to try and get in touch with Nest’s customer support. You will have to elaborate your issue to their team all with the fixes that you have tried. They will guide you accordingly and help you fix the issue.

If you don’t want to contact Support then it is advisable that you call a professional technician or electrician to check all the wiring and help get to the root of the issue.

The Bottom Line

These two are the main reasons why your device may be showing errors. If you face this issue you must try to contact a professional after all other fixes have failed. Also you might have to change the thermostat if the Nest support team thinks that the device is causing the problem.