3+ Ways To Fix Monster LED Light Strip Remote Not Working

The LED light strips from Monster LED lights must be familiar to you because of their incredibly affordable price. These lights might be easy on the pocket but that does not mean it’s low quality. They are very well designed and made with high-quality material to give you the best lights in the market at reasonable prices. These smart LED light strips are fairly simple to set up and install in your house. The most striking feature of these smart LED lights is that it can be operated by using a wireless remote control. 

However, we have found out that some users seem to be having problems with their light strip. Most of them have complained that the remote which is provided with the unit is not working as it is supposed to be. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, there are a few ways in which you can get your remote working again. Check out these steps to see what these easy fixes are.

How to Fix Monster LED Light Strip Remote Not Working?

Replace Batteries

One most common cause of any wireless remote not working is that its batteries must have died out. Try to remember the last time you have put new batteries on your remote control. If it has been a long time, then you probably need to replace the batteries with fresh ones. You will easily find them at your local market. After you replace the batteries the lights will start working like before.

You might also be able to find replacement batteries online on Amazon quite easily. The process of replacing the batteries won’t be a difficult task. You will find directions on the user manual that came with it. If you can’t find the manual or have lost it, you can Google some videos or steps by which you can change the batteries.

Pair Remote

It is not uncommon for the LED light strips to automatically get unpaired with the remote. In this case, you may not be aware of the fact that the light is not connected to the remote. This problem can be especially seen in homes which have more than one such smart light. The remote may end up pairing with a different one and this might cause the connectivity issue.

In order to restore the connection between the light and the remote, you need to pair them again. First you must plug in the LED lights and connect it to any power source. Find out and press down on the S+ button on the remote control. If you see that LED strip has started to blink, it means that the pairing is successful. Now you can resume operating the LED strip with the remote with ease.

For people who have more than one smart LED strip in their home there is a high chance for the remote to get paired up with a different LED strip. In this particular situation, you need to unpair the remote from that LED strip first. The process of unpairing the remote is similar to the pairing process. You need to connect the LED strip to a power source and then in this case you should find and press the S- button. The LED strip will start blinking to indicate that the remote has been unpaired or disconnected.

Factory Default

Not always will the fault lie in the remote control. There might be an issue with the LED strips itself which is why it is unable to work with a remote. There is an easy way to troubleshoot the light strip. Simply reset the LED strips to factory settings and your problem will be solved in a jiffy. 

In order to do this, you must navigate to your monster smart app and find out the LED strips. It will probably be found on the home screen itself. Navigate to the option of device settings. Here you will find the reset option which will factory reset the strip. You will need to wait for sometime before the light strip can be used again. There is also a way to do the reset manually. It completely depends on the model and version of LED strip that you have. The first way is to hold the power button that can be found on the controller. The second way would be to  insert a pin that will be put in the reset button.

Do note that resetting the light would mean that you would have to reconfigure the smart lights another time with the app, mobile, or the smart home assistant that you use. Again if these instructions are not enough, a quick Google search will help you find tutorial videos on this subject.

Faulty Remote

While all these fixes produce results, you will not be able to fix your problem if the remote is defective or damaged. If the light had been bought recently and still lies within the warranty period, you will be able to get a replacement from your supplier. They will examine the remote and give you a new one for free.

You can even get in touch with the Monster support team to seek their help. They will guide you with some more troubleshooting steps. If all of them fail them they Will arrange for a replacement. If your remote is past the warranty period, you will need to find a new one to use. It would be better to consult the support team in this case.

Final Word

There is no cause for concern if the remote with your Monster LED strip is not working. While it is completely possible for you to have a defective remote, many times it is just either due to batteries or just connection problems. Try following the above fixes and contacting their customer support before you hastily decide to buy a new set. The fixes or the support team will most likely be able to solve your problems.

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