5 Ways To Fix AccuWeather Not Updating – 2023 Guide

AccuWeather is a very popularly used weather forecast app that helps you to be updated about the present weather of the day. It can also tell you about the highest and lowest temperatures of each day and will also give you a predictive weather report of up to 5 days. It can be very useful in planning outings, knowing about possible rains or thunderstorms so that you are prepared before you leave the house.

You can also change the location of the app or add cities to know their weather forecast from your current location itself. It helps give the users a trustable and near to accurate forecast. You can also install the AccuWeather widget on your home screen for even easier access to the weather forecast. The app is free but you can get a premium version with a one-time purchase of three dollars approximately. 

How to Fix AccuWeather Not Updating?

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We have noticed that many people seem to be experiencing issues with the app. The app sometimes glitches and the weather is not shown properly. It doesn’t show the recent weather but instead displays the outdated weather forecast from a few days ago. Users have tried to manually refresh the app but still the problem does not get solved. 

We have done some thinking and have found out some ways in which you can find a fix for this problem. Here are several ways in which you can solve this problem:

1. Remove the Battery Optimization

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Sometimes the battery optimization feature may hinder the app from displaying accurate weather. It restricts the AccuWeather app from getting updates from the internet. You need to disable the battery optimization feature by navigating to settings and removing it from the AccuWeather app. Refresh after this and you will be able to see the accurate current weather details.

2. Remove Data Restrictions

Some mobiles allow you to restrict your data usage to save you money. If you have such a feature enabled while working with mobile data, there are high chances that the AccuWeather app is getting affected. These restrictions won’t allow the app to update the weather report from it’s servers. To disable data restrictions, navigate to settings and turn off data restrictions for this app. Then you can refresh the app to get an updated forecast. Consider getting a Wi-Fi network that will prevent such issues in the future.

3. Add Your Location Again

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If you fail with the above ways then you can manually make the app to get updated. This can be done by removing your locations from the app and then adding it again. This will force the app to load the most recent available forecast. Once this is updated the app will continue to display the newest results. You can also switch your location to another city and then switch it back for recent results.

4. Reset the App

Go into settings, apps and then force close then app. After closing it, clear all the data from your phone. Try starting the app after clearing data and putting your location. You can also try to reinstall the app and most probably, like 95% of the times, your issue will be resolved.

5. Restart Your Device

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You can always try the restart hack if all the above steps fail. If you switch off your phone you need to wait sixty seconds after which you should turn it back on. After the phone is restarted navigate to the app and refresh. After you have done this the AccuWeather app may start to operate correctly.

These fixes are some easy fixes that might solve the problem. However, if the issue remains even after everything then the best option would be to contact the app developers. If they fail to provide a solution then you can opt for other weather apps that you will easily find on Google Play.