Can Alexa Play Soundcloud? – 2023 Guide

Alexa which is a brainchild of the company Amazon has become very popular in the market. This intelligent assistant will perform various tasks for you. It can play songs, take notes, set reminders, and give you any information you need. It can even control your home appliances if they come with smart features. Alexa Echo has proved to be a hit among customers and they are always eager to know what else the device can do. The best part of this device is its hands-free operation which means you can control it through your voice!

The setup process of the Alexa Echo is unbelievably easy with minimal steps. You simply have to plug it in and supply it with the trigger word to operate it or give it directions. You will be amazed with how much this small and unassuming product can accomplish. It’s even better than having a human assistant.

While Alexa was originally designed for more users’ more basic needs which are related to information and entertainment like songs, recipes, and so on, it slowly developed into much more. Now it acts as a hub that controls the devices of an entire household if you have purchased smart appliances. Want to switch on the lights? Ask Alexa. Want the air conditioner to be switched on while you are not in the room? Alexa will do it for you. The possibilities are endless.

Alexa Echo has been created as a smart speaker which can be operated by voice command. It allows you to search and stream any music track that you want. Instead of looking for it manually while surfing a huge number of sites, your Alexa Echo will instantly look it up and play the track for you.

While this device seemingly can do everything you want and find music tracks from the deep recesses of the Web, it still has some limitations that you must know. It is not uncommon for Alexa users to be extremely frustrated by the fact that Alexa cannot play songs through SoundCloud.

However, there are two ways in which you can make it do so indirectly. While you process this information, keep reading to see how our experts have managed to make Alexa Play music that is on SoundCloud. 

Can Alexa Play Soundcloud?

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First of all, we must clear the fact that Alexs will not be able to play SoundCloud. Now, you may ask why it cannot do so? The answer is No. Alexa is not integrated with SoundCloud.  This may be a bummer for many as we naively assume that Alexa can do almost everything and can stream music from various platforms but we should remember that every device has its own limitations. 

We ask you not to be disheartened by this. We have a way for you to be able to play SoundCloud music through Alexa. You must be aware that Alexa will pair up with anything that works with Bluetooth. We have found a loophole where you can use this Bluetooth feature to play music from SoundCloud. 

Now mind you, it is not possible for Alexa to respond to “Alexa Play music from SoundCloud”. As we have already said there is no integration between SoundCloud and Alexa so this won’t work at all. We can simply hope that Amazon will fulfill the wishes of its users sometime in the future where it will be possible to play music directly from SoundCloud. Since it lies in the distant future, here is the hack by which you can do it now:-

How to get SoundCloud on Alexa

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Here we will explain in detail how you can trick Alexa into playing music from SoundCloud. The simple way to do this would be to pair your phone with Alexa via Bluetooth. Once you have successfully paired your mobile, you can select songs from the SoundCloud app and play them through Alexa. You will be essentially treating Alexa as a speaker instead of a smart assistant. While this will not work with voice command, it’s still pretty easy to establish.

There is also a second method but this one might be a bit more complicated. There is an Alexa skill that may be the solution to the compatibility of Alexa and SoundCloud. This is also a tried and tested method which works well and will be able to play your songs easily.

The best part about this hack is that you will be able to use voice commands which is actually what people buy the Alexa for. This hack requires you to create a custom skill for Alexa using online available templates and then add it to the Alexa app. The process is pretty time-consuming and can be a bit confusing in general for many people.

However, even though this second method is great for operating SoundCloud through Alexa, this requires some thinking and hard work on your part which we know may not be suitable for everyone. If you want a  more hassle-free method then we suggest you go with the first option itself. 

The Last Word

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We hope that it is now clear to you that it is not directly possible for Alexa to play music from SoundCloud. You will have to work a little to make it do so. Like every device, even Alexa comes with limitations as well as loopholes. We have provided you will a great solution if you wish to still play SoundCloud music through Alexa. Yes, you may not be able to enjoy the handsfree feature with this hack but it’s still better than nothing.