Is It Possible to Have Multiple Spotify Accounts on Alexa?

Both Alexa and Spotify have become the favorites of people everywhere. When you think about home automation devices the first name that pops up is Alexa. When you think about a music app, the first name that will come to mind is Spotify. When we combine these two, what you get is an awesome experience with a hands-free operation. All you have to do is ask Alexa and she will find the Spotify music you are looking for.

In Spotify, the most incredible aspect of the app is that it lets you create your own playlists with the songs you choose. You can easily create playlists with your favourite genre of songs and have them play according to your mood. There is nothing so satisfying like having the right song playing in the background.

Spotify also has the superpower of predicting and recommending songs that match your tastes. It does so by looking up your played music and finding out more that are similar to it. You will also find a huge variety of new songs by local and budding artists most of whom now prefer to release their music on the platform. You will have access to a new world of music which you have never heard before.

While most of us just use the Spotify app on our smartphones and operate it on that, there is also another way to play music from Spotify. You can simply connect your Spotify account with your Alexa Echo which happens to be an excellent speaker and enjoy the music through it. Yes, this would also allow you to play your favorite playlists through Alexa while you work and chill in your home.

Now, people who have tried to add a Spotify account to Alexa will think that Alexa can have only one Spotify account. This is not true actually. There is actually a way to sync multiple Spotify accounts with your Alexa. Yes more than one person will be able to add their respective accounts to Alexa Echo. This is a very useful feature as most of us have our separate Spotify accounts but there is only one Echo device that is used by the entire family.

When you sink multiple accounts on Alexa, there will be no hassle when each member will want to play their own playlist. There will be no more fighting on whose Spotify account will be paired with Alexa at all times.

Alexa Multiple Spotify Accounts

If you want to know how to use multiple Spotify accounts on Alexa, you have come to the right place to look for tips. We have conducted a lot of research to see exactly what problems users generally encounter with Alexa. What we have found so far is that there are a lot of users who struggle to have more than one Spotify account on their Alexa. 

While getting a single Spotify account in Alexa is fairly easy and everyone knows how to do it, adding more than one can be a bit different. However we will ask you not to worry as the process is not very difficult. 

The method of the setting up is very simple and you will need to navigate to your App settings to do this. While some of you will be able to figure out most of the steps from here, we have also included the detailed process for those who are still confused.

Setting Up Multiple Spotify Accounts on Alexa

You need to understand that Alexa was not supposed to be able to run multiple Spotify accounts. The creators were not aware of this when they made it. However, as usual the internet people and we have come up with a hack that will let this happen in an instant.

If you want to add more than one Spotify account you need to navigate to Then you have to get signed into your existing account and find out the settings section. Here you will come across the Accounts option. Now, you will have to find your Household Profile where you will be able to add more new accounts.

You have to set up multiple accounts here and add it to the optio of “household.”

After this step, it is necessary for new accounts to get linked to their own Spotify accounts. This would have to be done by them or the new account holders by using their own version of the App.

After this is done, the set up is complete and you will be able to easily switch accounts by just asking Alexa to do so. You can use the command “Alexa, Change to (user)’s account.” The account of the user you have chosen will then automatically get their Spotify linked to it. Then Alexa will be able to play any playlist from that account.

Please note that you can still have a maximum of just one Spotify account per Alexa account. There is no way to work around this but we are positive that we will soon find out a new hack for this separately.


So when users ask us, “can I set up multiple Spotify accounts on Alexa?”, our answer to the question is a loud yes! We know that the account problem is a bummer but the hack is still pretty great and effective in use.

All you need to do is meticulously follow the steps as described in this article and you will have the accounts up and running in no time. There will be no fights among family members to have their Spotify account with Alexa. The best thing about this hack is that you only have to do the setup process just once.

You can add as many Spotify accounts as possible and have everyone enjoy the Alexa Echo speaker in the house. Parties will be much better this way when everyone will get a chance to play their favourite songs.