5 Ways To Fix Echo Show Not On Alexa App

Echo Show is another great creation from the Alexa Echo series by Amazon which has the ability to connect all your smart devices and help you control them from one place. You can connect it to any home appliance or device be it your security cams or your smart speakers and others.

Being a smart device, it does need a stable Wi-Fi connection to help it operate. It is one amazing smart device but it is not free from problems. We have heard that some users have reported issues about it not showing up on Alexa App. If you are facing such a problem, we will help you with some troubleshooting ways to fix it. Read on to see what these fixes are. So,

How to Fix Echo Show Not On Alexa App?

Make Sure You’re Logged into the Same Account

Many people actually have multiple accounts on Amazon for reasons. If you happen to be one of them then you need to make sure that you’re logged into the same account both on the Echo Show and the Alexa app. If you are using a different account for Echo Show then you need to switch immediately. Doing this will connect your device with the Alexa app easily as they will now have the same account information. 

Relog into Your Account

Another quick fix that is very common in users is logging out of the account. If the Echo Show was not getting detected by the Alexa app you need to first log out of the Alexa app on your phone. You can then wait for sometime before logging in again. This will also clear out any minor bug issue in either device.

You can try to manually discover devices on the Alexa app which might help find your device. You must click on the discover device button on the app or simply ask Alexa to discover devices. This will help to refresh the search and your device might pop up when it’s completed. 

Reinstall the app

Sometimes simply re-logging into your account will not give you the desired result. Then you have to consider the possibility that the app you are using is buggy. You can try to uninstall the Alexa app and reinstall it to see if it is solved. It might also give you a newer version of the app which is free from past bugs. We are confident that this method will give you results even if everything else doesn’t.

Contact Support

Sadly sometimes these simple fixes may not be the solution for you.  In this case, we would ask you to simply contact the support team of Alexa. There are two options of  opening a support ticket or sending them mail detailing your issue. You can also do both if you want. They will help you get in touch with a professional who is an expert in these things. They will direct you on the necessary troubleshooting steps which will help solve your problem.


As we have said before, reinstalling the app and re-logging into your account would be the best options to get your Alexa to recognise the device. Be patient and try these methods to see if the device shows up. We cannot guarantee 100% that they will work but we are quite positive.

Try to follow all the steps and directions properly to make sure you get the issue resolved. However, if this stresses you out too much, you can get the help of their support team and they will guide you accordingly.