4 Ways To Fix Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working

Thermostats can be extremely convenient to have in your home as it can keep you warm even in extreme winters. These devices should be owned by everyone who wants to have their home comfortable and well-heated in winters. The temperature control will help you complete your work or take some rest without having to shiver in the cold.

Smart thermostats are not only helpful in dealing with extreme weather but also even more convenient due to their many features and better control options. They increase the user’s accessibility to the device as they can now control their house’s temperatures by installing an app on their mobile phones. You can now control your home’s temperature even when you are not near the thermostat.


How Do You Fix Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working?

The Pro1 Thermostat T705 is a very popular model among thermostats that is quite a recommended choice of many users. Unfortunately, you do sometimes run into some issues when the thermostat is not working as it should. The malfunction might be caused by various things and fixing it will be important. 

However,  there are some quick fixes and hacks that you can try in order to troubleshoot and possibly fix the issue. We have put together these hacks which you can read below and see if they fix the problem.

Make sure the Thermostat Has Power

The most common and reasonable explanation for the thermostat to not work will be because it is not getting power. You must then conduct a check of the wires of the thermostat to see if you find something. There might be loose connection due to the wires or the circuit breaker might have a problem as well. If the circuit breaker has tripped you have to switch it back to get the thermostat working again.

Reset the Thermostat

Another great and popular fix for any device would be to reset the device. You can try this with the thermostat as well and have it successfully reset by power cycling it.

In order to power cycle the thermostat, you have to remove the thermostat from the base and then also remove the batteries. Let the  thermostat stay in this position for sometime (say around 15 seconds ). After this you can put the batteries again and have it running like normal.

Clean Your Thermostat

We know that many users don’t think they need to clean the thermostat. This is a bad decision as a dirty thermostat can cause your device to have many kinds of issues like this one. We would advise you to thoroughly clean the device to make sure there is no dirt or debris that is locked up inside it.

Remove the outer cover and in order to clean your thermostat. Try to use compressed air as it can safely clear off dust from the wires without additional issues.

Check Your Thermostat’s Settings

Sometimes the problem might occur if you have put the thermostat on incorrect settings. The thermostat comes with various modes from heat to cool and the wrong setting will end up having the opposite effect on the temperature than what you originally wanted.

The Bottom Line

These are some 4 steps that we believe will successfully help you troubleshoot your Pro1 thermostat T705 if it’s not working. The last resort in case these fail will be to contact their customer support. If they hear your present and think that you have received a defective or broken thermostat, they will send you a replacement. If the warranty period is over and the damage is not related to manufacture then you might have to replace it.