5 Ways To Fix Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing

Smart Ring doorbell is one of the best solutions security wise that would be perfect for your home. It will let you get alerts when you have people come to your door along with providing  notifications, videos, and two-way communication systems . Although the notification feature of this smart doorbell is very useful, it gets annoying when the device keeps sending false alarms through constant ringing and false alerts. Sometimes due to some problems, the ringing does not stop, and it bothers users to no end.

We understand that this situation can be very inconvenient and frustrating especially when you are trying to do some work or take a nap. So we have come up with a few solutions that you can try when your ring doorbell doesn’t just stop ringing continuously. 

Ring Doorbell Keeps Ringing Solutions

Restart the doorbell

The easiest option would be to try and restart the doorbell to see if it stops ringing. There is a possibility that the bell might be stuck in some loop which is why it is ringing on a false alert. To restart the bell, you need to find the power button and do it manually from there. You can also try to restart it using your mobile application. The power button may not be located on the outside of the Ring doorbell. This design has been done purely due to security reasons. Make sure you wait for a few moments after turning it off or and then restart it again. This will hopefully solve the problem and the bell won’t continue ringing unnecessarily. 

Even though this is an easy fix, the problem will only be solved temporarily. If the issue comes back even after you have restarted the doorbell, you might have to try something else or call an expert to find the root of the issue.

Reset the doorbell

Another fix you can try if the restarting doesn’t work is by resetting the doorbell. This will help the device to get rid of an issue that is related to the settings. It will hopefully remove the problem and the bell will work normally.

You can try two ways to reset your doorbell. You will find a setup button on the doorbell itself. What you have to do is keep this button pressed for around 20 seconds and it will be reset on its own. The process might take a while since it will also reboot after resetting bit you won’t have to do it yourself. Don’t worry as the doorbell will return to its default settings after the reboot and you won’t have to configure it again.

The second way to reset your doorbell would be done by using the mobile application. You will find a reset option on the mobile application which needs to be used to reset the device. After you have done this, you will find that the ringing glitch is gone.

Reconnect the device with your mobile phone

Sometimes there might be a bit of a connection problem or a bug that is causing the issue. One thing you can try is to disconnect your doorbell from the device and have it paired again. This will also kind of reestablish the connection and remove the bug. This is the last easy fix that you can follow to get rid of the issue.

Have the wiring checked

After the easy fixes don’t work, you have to go deep into the wiring to see if there is an issue with that. There is a chance that your wiring might have developed issues. There can be a variety of problems like damage, old wires, loose wires, and so on. 

If you don’t have much knowledge about these, it’s better to consult an electrician. A professional or an expert will be able to identify the problem or the root cause of the malfunction. Immediately address the problem as it might later cause harm to your other appliances if left unattended.

Call a technician

You can try all the hacks but sometimes they may not be enough. You have to call an expert in case the problem doesn’t go away and you cannot understand why. Ring doorbells are known for their durability and efficiency so there is a high chance the issue is quite minor either due to humidity, heat, or something else.

It is better if you have your doorbell checked by an authorized technician from the Ring support. We would highly recommend this as fixes from any other technician might end up voiding your warranty. If in case their technician finds faults in the doorbell, they will provide you free replacements in case the guarantee period is still valid. If the product is no longer within the warranty period then it might be time to get a new one.