5 Ways To Fix Left Joycon Not Charging

The Joy-Con is very popular among people who love to play with the Nintendo Switch. The Joy-Con is designed like any standard controller and has analog sticks on the left and right. Barring the sticks the controller has four standard action buttons that will help you perform various actions in the game. If you are wondering how to use it, it’s very simple. The Joy-Con can be used along with the Nintendo Switch itself. However, if you are someone who prefers playing on a bigger screen, you can attach it with a holder.

There is a small problem that many users are facing with the left Joy-Con. Some people have found that it is not getting charged  even after they have left it connected overnight. If you are facing such an issue, we have found a list of solutions to this problem.

How to Fix Left Joycon Not Charging?

Try to Clean the Ports

The main charging issue for the controller stems from the connection problem. If the Joy-Con is not properly connected to the Nintendo Switch, you will face charging issues. This makes it difficult for the Joy-con to be charged from the console.

The cause of this is probably the fact that your Joy-Con has dirty ports where dust has built-up and created blockage for the Joy-Con. Many customers don’t remember to  clean the ports on their Joy-Con. This negligence can make the ports accumulate dust and dirt which ultimately end up causing connectivity problems for the Joy-Con. The consent recommends to clean their Nintendo Switch as much as once a week. This is the only way you will avoid blocking the ports which cause the Joy-Con charging errors. 

Cleaning the ports in case of blockage is pretty easy. You need to take a cotton swab, small cloth, or a tissue paper and use it to gently clean the dirt from the ports on the Nintendo Switch. Be mindful of the fact that you should not apply too much pressure. If you are too harsh while cleaning then you can severely damage the connector pins which are difficult to fix.

You need to clean the port on both sides after which you can align the rails and have your Joy-Con working again. If dirt was the problem then after you re-attach the Joy-Con, it will resume charging without any additional issues. 

Sync the Joy-Con

If you have already cleaned the connector pins but the charging issue still persists with the left Joy-Con, the problem might lie in the syncing of the devices. One way to know for sure is to resync the controller with the console. The resync procedure is not very complicated at all. All you need to do is remove the controller from the console and press the sync button. You will find the button on the side of the controller which is connected to your Console. The next step would be to shut down the Nintendo console after you have taken it out of the docking station. You can restart the Switch and start charging the Joy-Con after reattaching it.

If you find that the battery status is not showing we recommend you just leave the console on the dock for 4 hours and check the status after that. The Joy-Con should be completely charged in a few hours. If the battery status visibility permits then try removing and reconnecting the Joy-Con with the console several times. The battery status will pop up soon.

Update the Firmware

We have also discovered that some users have reported that the charging issue was due to the firmware of the console. This made the battery indicator malfunction and now show the accurate battery status. This means that even if your Joy-Con is fully charged, the battery status will show low charge in the connected controller.

In order to avoid this possibility of having issues with the firmware we recommend you try to update the firmware of the console as well as the controller itself that is connected with the console. In order to check for updates, navigate to the Console settings section and then check for pending updates.

To update the software which is on your Nintendo Switch, you will need to boot it up and go to the system settings.

The first option that you will see in this tab would be a software update. Click on that and wait for the console to search for updates.

If you find any update available, install that immediately in your Console. In the same way you should also update the firmware of your controllers. You can check for updates in the controller settings where notifications will pop up. Always make sure to stay up to date with all the new updates and you will find that the Joy-Con will start charging without issues.

Use Joy-Con Grip

Even after trying the above methods, if the charging issue is still there for the left Joy-Con then you will need to change the charging method. This would be the best method for people who cannot charge the controller while it is on the dock.

This problem may be solved by removing the Joy-Con and then attaching it to a grip. This grip must be connected to a power source. After you are done attaching it, it will take around 3 hours to get it charged and ready for use.

There can also be a problem with the power source and the adapter. There is a possibility that the hardware has issues which is why you are unable to charge the Joy-Con. You might have to change the faulty power adapter in this case. The connected cable to the dock may also be damaged due to which it will malfunction. For a quick fix , you can try to unplug and replug the adapter. 

Claim Warranty

Now, it is not very uncommon for users to receive faulty Joy-Cons or have their controller break down after a short use. For this problem, the users will be able to claim free repairs or new models if they have the Switch for less than a year.  You have to report the problem and stake a claim on your warranty to receive a replacement piece from the company. You can ask your supplier for the replacements.