TVShareMax Review 2023: Read This Before Buying

I hear about TVShareMax all the time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I had an old TV and wanted to use it as a smartTV for a long time. One of my colleagues suggested me the TVShareMax. Then, I purchased it to transform my old TV into a smartTV. In the TVShareMax Review, I will share my experience with the TV streaming box.

Everyone cannot purchase a smart TV due to its costly pricing. TVShareMax is the perfect device to resolve the issue. Now, everyone can enjoy home entertainment with family on a large TV screen. Get the gadget to stream the phone’s content on a large screen.

What Is TVshareMax?


TVshareMax is an incredible gadget that makes the normal TV into a smart TV. It helps to carry the world of streaming in front of me with HD quality videos. The USB type of portable device is easy to connect with all types of TVs. I can stream any content online or offline with the gadget on the TV.

All online video streaming platforms like HBO, Netflix, Hulu etc. smoothly work on the device. Due to its compact design, I easily move anywhere with it. It transforms my living room into a home cinema.

TvShareMax Review: What are the Standout Features?

TvShareMax provides a wide range of standout features that makes it handy to everyone. Let’s see the features:

TvShareMax Review What are the standout features

Support any TV:

Most of the TV dongles only support the latest models. I use the gadget on old model televisions. The phone becomes a remote controller to control all streaming functions on the large screen.

HD quality video and sound:

TVShareMax streams the content in HD format with 60fps. I did not face any delays while playing high-quality videos. Its image quality is impressive so that I enjoyed outstanding streaming on a big screen from the smartphone.

Easy to use:

I easily connect with the TV and stream any content from the phone. It does not require additional programs to set up, just plug and play. Also, it automatically finds a Wi-Fi network and allows me to enjoy content on a large screen.

Universal support:

Android, iOS, computer, laptop support the TVShareMax device. I can run anything from my phone to the large screen without any expertise skills. I can browse a wide range of platforms like HBO, Hulu, etc. at HD quality resolution. It allows me to see the picture albums on the TV screen.


The TV streaming box is low weight and compact in size. I can freely take it everywhere to enjoy streaming on a big screen. It is the finest option for partying and outing. For its compact size, I keep it in a small bag or backpack that makes life simpler.

How Exactly Does It Work? [Tvsharemax Review]

TVShareMax’s working process is very simple. I played all streaming videos in any format without facing any lags. Within a minute, it can be set up with the TV. Let’s see how the TVShareMax works by following the steps:

  1. I connect the TVShareMax with the TV HDMI
  2. Then, connect with the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Now, enjoy whatever I want.

It allows me to convert the phone as a remote device to stream any content from the phone. I will not face any blurring issues while watching full HD videos. With the device, make a regular TV into a smart TV to make home cinema comfortable.

Is TVshareMax Really Worth?

The TVshareMax sold at a 50% discount price which is the best solution for streaming videos on a large screen. It makes the TV in a home cinema entertainment center. I enjoyed all-formatted videos, music and more from the phone. It is better than buying a smart TV for enjoying the content on a big screen.

Is TVshareMax Really Worth

Also, it does not show delay signals like a smartTV and is easy to connect. It is worth the cost.

Why do I Need this TV Streaming Box?

The TV streaming box is still now the best option for streaming on a large TV screen. It can stream high-quality contents without any lags. Have a look below why I need the small TVShareMax.

  • It is easier to run than a smartTV. I plug it in the HDMI port of my TV and enjoy streaming by controlling it from the phone. It allows me to share files from the phone to the TV box within a few seconds.
  • All types of content can be played on a TV screen with a gadget. Full HD and 1080 pixels resolution videos stream through the device without any delay. The quality makes the home a theatre for entertainment.
  • I can use the TV streaming box in old and new model TVs. It can play all types of online streaming services without any lagging signals. It has no restrictions on video and image formats, so I can play all contents.
  • Its cost is reasonable and they offer a 50% discount on every device. It saves my money from spending behind the smartTV.

For these reasons, I need this TVShareMax device.

TVShareMax Technical Facts

To know more information about the TVShareMax, take a look at the technical facts from below:

  • Decoding: It supports H.265 decoding for full-screen play with adjustment.
  • Output: HDMI out with fast speed performance.
  • Video quality: 1080 pixels full HD playback video.
  • Modes: It has DLNA, AirMirror, AirPlay, streaming online platforms and cross-system mirroring.
  • Suitable for: Streaming, presentation, conferences, watching movies at home and office.
  • Support: Android 4.4 above, iOs 9.0 above and MacOS 10 above.
  • Operation: Just plug and enjoy streaming.

Where Can I Order TVShareMax?


The TV streaming Box is only available on the manufacturer’s online website. They provide delivery to the whole world with a money-back guarantee. I have got 50 percent discounts on a single purchase. They offer more discounts on 2 or more purchases. I recommend getting the TVShareMax from here.

My Final Thought

I have covered all about the TV streaming box in the TVShareMax review. It is the simplest and best-performing device to project smartphone content on a large TV screen.

Without any limitation, it provides HD quality video playback, high-resolution images and lag-free service. It can be used on a laptop, PC, monitor, TV without any hesitation. Get the TVShareMAX from their official website and make home cinema full of entertainment.