Can You Use A Portable Air Conditioner Without A Window?

Are you tired of spending money on electricity bills? Do you want an affordable bill while running the AC? Then choose the portable air conditioner that gave the highest service within a minimum range. Now, the main point is, can you use a portable air conditioner without a window?

After buying a portable air conditioner, people mostly think that it needs to set up beside the window. But this portable AC has some updated function set up on the device. So, it automatically gave you backup and drained the water so that your device can easily pull the warm air.

Can you use a portable air conditioner without a window? 

When you decide to use or set an AC for your apartment or the office, there are so many things you need to consider. If you are unable to buy the central AC, you can take the portable AC as an alternative. But here is a question most people want to ask. Can you use a portable air conditioner without a window? The answer is yes. But why the window part is not necessary is describing in below.


The main task of an AC is to pull the hot air from the room and make the room cooler. That is why AC has some internal functions. It drains out the water and pulls out the warm air. Also, for other AC, you need to set up beside the window to clear the hot air. But, for portable AC, this device has some auto functional activities.

The portable AC has a self-contained unit that doesn’t need any extra vent or hose for cooling the air. This portable AC automatically has done all the parts and cool the air for the whole room. Also, this device evaporates the water for cooling the room immediately. Those who are suffering from suffocation problem can use this portable AC.

How to use a portable air conditioner without a window?

There are so many ways you can use the portable air conditioner by avoiding the window. Those alternative ways are given below.

  • You can vent through the door and easily set the portable air conditioner.
  • You can make a hole on the wall and pass the hose through the wall for setting up the portable AC.
  • Another way to avoid windows is to make a hole on the ceiling and pass the hose through that.
  • You can also use the dryer vent to set up the portable air conditioner in your room.

Frequently asked questions

Some random questions and answers about the portable AC device are given below. I hope these answers will help you to know more.

Can you run a portable air conditioner all day?

You can easily run the portable air conditioner all day long. But please turn off the switch for some time.  It will increase the efficiency of the portable AC.

Is it dangerous to not vent a portable air conditioner?

Yes, if your portable air conditioner doesn’t use any vent, then it will be a little dangerous when you run it. The AC will not give you the expected service you want.

Do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

No, the portable air conditioner is very cost-effective, and it helps a lot to save the electricity while using it in the room.

Final thought 

A portable air conditioner can be set to anywhere according to your requirement. But most people confused and ask can you use a portable air conditioner without a window? People are confused that they need to set the portable AC beside the windows or not? 

Setting up the portable AC beside the window is not mandatory. Because this device pulls the warm air and then deliver the cool air in the room, if your room has a proper ventilation system, you can set it anywhere you want. 

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