How Long Can You Run a Portable Air Conditioner Continuously in 2023?

While buying a portable AC, the first question people ask the seller is, how long can you run a portable air conditioner? Well, this a very valid question as they are new or not enough knowledge about the portable air conditioner.

By reading this article, you will know when and for how long you can run the portable air conditioner. Also, some tips will give you an idea about keeping your air conditioner long-lasting.

Can you run a portable air conditioner all day?

We can give you an answer. That means, yes, you can run the portable air conditioner all day long. But here are some facts. If you want a long-lasting service and efficient working capacity from your portable AC, this would be great if you turn off the switch for some time. You will get an available portable air conditioner under 300.


To get the best service run the AC for 15-20 minutes and then increase the temperature or switch off the device. After some time, turn on the portable device. But this process is not mandatory. You can run a portable AC non-stop. If you control the running system of the portable air conditioner, then your device will sustain for a long time.

How Long Can You Run A Portable Air Conditioner?

What Should I Look For When Buying The Best Portable Air Conditioner

For your indoor air-cooling system, a portable AC is the best option you can use. There are so many alternative ways. But the portable air conditioner is the best one. Now the question is, how long can you run a portable air conditioner? Is it possible to run the portable AC all day long? Or you have to turn off the switch. Let’s go to find out those answers in this part.

If you want the answer daily, then the answer is it will give you 15 to 20 minutes of service without any problem. Based on the brand, this service may longer than 20 minutes. Also, the activities will depend on how long you can keep maintaining your portable air conditioner.

If you are looking for the answer for how many years, then the answer is it will give you a non-stop service for 10 to 15 years. But you need to be very careful and check the functions all the time. Sometimes limiting the parts of the portable AC will extend the lifelong. Your proper servicing of the portable air conditioner will give you much longer service than it usually gives.

5 Tips For Longer Lasting A Portable Air Conditioner

As the portable air conditioner is an electronic device, this is a simple calculation that it will not sustain for an unlimited time. But you can apply some tips or techniques to lengthen the life of a portable air conditioner. Here are some tips for your portable air conditioner that will sustain for a long time.

  • Choosing the perfect location will increase the lifelong of the portable air conditioner.
  • Using the right power source will also help to extend the lifeline of the portable air conditioner.
  • If you properly maintain the portable AC, your service will provide better service than before.
  • Try changing the filter regularly will also increase the lifelong of the portable AC.
  • Checking the working process like moisture, draining water, pass out the warm air properly will keep your portable AC for a longer period.
  • Make sure you keep away your portable air conditioner safe and secure so that it will sustain for a longer period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will give you an update about the portable air condition and some relevant questions with the answer.

How often should you drain a portable air conditioner?

Usually, the portable air conditioner doesn’t need to drain because some of the renowned brands like Avallon use a system called condensation to run the overall process and pass the water automatically.

Can you leave a portable air conditioner on all night?

Yes, you can run or leave the AC open all night long. However, it will be better if you off for 10 to 15 mins in between the time.

Does a portable AC unit use a lot of electricity?

No, a portable AC doesn’t require lots of electricity to run. This portable AC is very cost-effective and saves electricity easily.

How long does it take for a portable AC to cool a room?

Generally, for a standard type of room, a portable AC needs 20 mins to cool the room. But, mainly, the cooling system depends on the room size. If your room is large, then it will take much time to cool.

Final Thought

Running a portable AC and leave it on for all day long is not an appropriate way to use. You need to learn the proper way before buying the portable AC. After reading this whole article, I hope you get the answer to how long can you run a portable air conditioner?

In conclusion, we can say that you don’t have to bother for how long you can run. Sometimes because of the brands and capacity, the time may change. So, you need to learn from the manual or the seller before setting your portable AC at home.