How Long Can You Run A Portable Air Conditioner In 2023?

If you’re not ready to get a split air conditioner unit, a portable unit can be a big solution. Portable air conditioners are the best option if you have to move from room to room and need a cooling solution close to you as well. It’s also a great option if you want to get a cost-efficient way of air conditioning, especially for a single person. However, getting the machine doesn’t give you the expected result if you don’t know how long can you run a portable air conditioner.

You must know how to run the machine to enable it to serve with its full potential and how long you can run it. It’s also important for the maximum lifespan with the optimum output all the time. Stick to the article to know about using the portable air conditioners and how long you should run it for the best result:

How Long Can You Run A Portable Air Conditioner?

Among the biggest differences between the full-fledged central or split air conditioners, running time is one to consider first. Unlike the bigger air conditioners, they come with a single, smaller form that you will set inside your room. The limitations and the close contact to the air conditioner require you to run it with limited time, which is also adequate.

How Long Can You Run A Portable Air Conditioner

Usually, a portable air conditioner doesn’t need a longer working period than 15-20 minutes in a row. However, the manufacturer will mention the ideal running period with the user guide. The running time will also depend on the size of your room and the BTU size of your portable air conditioner.

How To Use A Portable Air Conditioner?

How To Use A Portable Air Conditioner?

Here is the process of using a portable air conditioner if you’re interested in getting a portable air conditioner unit:

Placing the portable air conditioner

After getting a portable air conditioner, the first and foremost thing is to place it in the proper spot. There are two primary types of portable air conditioners, the window installation and the all-portable ones. Both of them are portable but have different criteria for installing them. You won’t have to install the all-portable ones at all as they don’t have any external attachments. However, the window type portable air conditioners need a window attachment for the intake. Place it on a window where you can get the optimum service from.

Installing the air conditioner correctly

If you’re using an all-portable air conditioner, it doesn’t have any external installation to go through. All you have to do is, assemble the machine if it requires any, such as pouring in water into the reservoir. However, with a window air conditioner it requires you to install it on a window in your room. It will come with its installation attachments, or you may have to make a hole into the wall to run the intake pipe. Take the attachment and hook it up to the wall or the window for installing the air conditioner and pour water if needed.

How to power up the machine properly

Once the portable air conditioner is assembled, attached to the window, and ready to go, it’s time to power it up. Take the power cord that runs from the back of the machine to a power outlet. Don’t forget to push the reset button if it has any on the power brick or in the head. Most of the portable air conditioners come with a remote controller to control them. Power up the machine using the master power switch at the top of the machine or in the back. Take the remote controller and press the power button to start the air conditioner. There are several options on the remote that you can use for the timer, temperature control, and so on.

Cleaning and maintenance

The most important rule of using a portable air conditioner is to give it regular maintenance if you want a long lifespan. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep it free from clothes in the vent or the fan and keep it running smoothly. The air conditioner will have a filter or more to keep the dust and dirt out of the internal mechanism. Make sure you keep the air conditioner’s filter clean and free from blockages. After a few cleaning, you should change the filter for an efficient workflow, especially the pre-filter. If it has the HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, clean them regularly, too.

Know how long you should use it for

Your portable air conditioner will keep serving you for years if you use it properly with the proper usage time. You must know how long can you run a portable air conditioner for the best service life from it. The run time depends on how powerful the machine is in the first place, indicating the BTU power of the machine. As a rule of thumb, you need 20 BTUs for a square foot of space in your room, and the time depends on that, too. If you have the right BTU size in the air conditioner, you can run the machine for 15 to 20 minutes in a row for good cooling. Use the smart mode in the machine if it has the feature to turn off or turn on the air conditioner automatically.

Five Great Tips For Long-Lasting Use A Portable Air Conditioner

Here are the best tips and advice you should follow if you want your portable air conditioner last a long time and keep serving you:

  • Use the air conditioner while keeping the exhaust hose straight; it will help the machine work without suffocating.
  • While using the machine, please close the door of the room; it will quickly cover the whole room and cool it down.
  • Try not to have any high heat sources in your room while you’re using the air conditioner for cooling the room.
  • Keep the air conditioner’s vent, exhaust filters clean for proper service, and give it maintenance touch every few months.
  • Proper storage for the off-season is important; if you’re not going to use it for a while, clean it, and keep it safe from dust and wet area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about running portable air conditioners that people are talking about around the web:

Is it safe to leave portable air conditioner on all day?

Leaving your portable air conditioner turned on all day won’t be a good idea. It doesn’t only cost you excessively for the energy bill but also may damage the AC’s internal components.

Can you run a portable air conditioner 24 7?

You cannot run your portable air conditioner 24/7 because it may lead you to a catastrophe with overheating inside the machine, leading to a very short lifespan for the air conditioner.

Do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

Depending on the cooler size, a portable air conditioner may cost you $2 to $5 for 8 hours of daily usage. It may cost you anywhere between $60 to $150 for running the machine for a month.

Final Thought

Living in the high heat of the summer without a proper cooling system in the room can be a big problem if you don’t want to have a central or split air conditioner or live in a temporary place, a portable air conditioner the best alternative.

Using a portable air conditioner has different things to know compared to the regular air conditioners. You must know how to use it with proper settings, when to empty the water reservoir and how to clean the filters. Most of all, you must know how long can you run a portable air conditioner and how to use it efficiently.