How To Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Sliding Window

On a hot summer day, to keep yourself protected from excessive heat you might look for an air conditioner.  If your floor apartment is minimal and looking for a budget-friendly air conditioner then a window air conditioner is a perfect option for you.

With so many outstanding benefits you can beat the heat with a good window air conditioner without accelerating your energy bill. But the question is: how to install a window air conditioner in a sliding window?

Right below this article, our expert team explains the answer to this question with a complete guideline.

Tools And Materials You’ll Need

Installing your window air conditioner becomes so easy and simple when you have the right tools and materials. The most commonly used tool by service technicians is given below:

Tools And Materials You’ll Need


  • Wrenches: You’ll need this to fasten and tighten the nuts with the bolts.
  • Hammers: Hammer will assist you to remove or fasten the nails of the air conditioner tools.
  • Screwdrivers: One of the most essential tools to lock your AC brackets and angle brackets with the window sill.
  • Drills: To make any round holes/ driving fasteners, the electric drill is a must-have equipment.
  • Taps: It is basically hard alloy steel that is used for making the threaded hole in the metal-part for fasting tap screw or metal screw.
  • Hacksaw: It is used for cutting copper tubing or other works that need to cut metal.


  • Window Unit Air-Conditioner: The air conditioner by itself that you purchase for your apartment.
  • Insulating Foam: It used to fill the gap between the window & air conditioner to prevent the cool air outside of your room.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Sliding Window

When you are looking for an air conditioner for a small compartment, a window air conditioner is a perfect option. It’s more energy-efficient and budget-friendly compared to a central air conditioner.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner In A Sliding Window

Moreover, installing a window air conditioner process is also easier and simple than the central one. However, if you don’t know: how to install a window air conditioner in a sliding window then pay attention to the section below.

Step 1: Do the Measurements

Before starting any other task you need to measure the height & width of your selected air-conditioner & determine if there is any vent sticking out. Now find out the height and width measurement of the window’s opening and correlate both findings. This will help you to figure out the actual measurements that you’ll need to fit your air conditioner in a sliding window.

Do the Measurements

Step 2: Build the Frame

Once you have the measurements, you need to ensure that the window surrounding & windowsill are absolutely fine and don’t have any kind of damages. After verifying this crucial thing, if you find it in good health, you need to build a window frame that will hold the air conditioner.

Build the Frame

Build the frame accordingly window and the air conditioner measurement data that you take at the beginning. To create the frame, you can use lumber but you’ve to make sure that it fits properly with your window’s opening.

Step 3: Place the Mounting Hardware and Set Up the Air Conditioner inside the Frame

With the air conditioner, you’ll get some mounting hardware provided by the manufacturer. You need to attach those on your windowsill/outside of the wall with the screws that it comes with.

Place the Mounting Hardware and Set Up the Air Conditioner inside the Frame

This hardware will keep the air conditioner in its right place with a protective lock. After placing the mounting hardware, make sure that the frame fits properly with the window’s opening.

If that fits properly, you can now install your air conditioner. While doing this job make sure that the air conditioner leans on the back sufficiently then screws it rightly. Once you complete this step, you’ve to work with the top of the frames.

Step 4: Covers the Frame’s Top

Once you set up the air conditioner inside the frame, you’ll discover that there is a space left at the upper side of the frame. So you need to cover the frame’s top to keep the cool breeze inside your apartment.

Covers the Frame’s Top

You can do this job by using any thickness of plywood. Just make sure that you have taken proper measurements of the opening before you cover it up. Once you have the measurement details, you can cut the plywood with similar measurements and cover the top frame hole with this.

Step 5: Install the Air Conditioner on Its Final Place

Now it’s time to install the air conditioner in its final place. At first, you need to slide the window on the other side of the window framing to create the space that you selected for the air conditioner.

Install the Air Conditioner on Its Final Place

Fit the frame on the space or if you already screwed the AC on the frame, place them both on the selected space against your sliding window. You can use a large screw for tightening the air conditioner structure with the window frame.

Benefits of Using a Window Air Conditioner

Below this segment, I’m going to show you some of the awesome benefits that you’re going to enjoy with a window air conditioner.

Benefits of Using a Window Air Conditioner

Minimal Cost:

The greatest advantage of a window air conditioner is its low & affordable cost. Besides, the unit is not only available at a lower price but also its operating cost is very inexpensive.

Though the price of the window air conditioner varies from brand to brand, the average cost of these types of air conditioners is not more than $300.

Super Energy Efficient:

When we think about air conditioners, we are scared of the energy they consume. But with a window air conditioner, you don’t need to worry about that. It lets you stay cool on a hot summer day without accelerating your energy bill. The majority of a window air conditioner includes EER ratings( energy efficient ratio), which allows you to pick the right unit to save your energy bill.

Easy Installation:

Easy installation is another outstanding part of a window air conditioner. Unlike a central air conditioner, it doesn’t take so much hardware or equipment to complete the installation process.

Easy Installation

The installation process of a window air conditioner is very straightforward & all the accessories & instructional guides come with the unit when you make the purchase. Even you can install the air conditioner by yourself by following the step-by-step guide without taking anyone’s help.

No Waste of Your Floor Space:

If you’re living in an apartment building and have limited space, you’ll be glad to know that it consumes very minimal space in your apartment. This type of conditioner is designed to install inside the window so it won’t consume any square footage inside of your home.

Moreover, some people search for Air Conditioner Without Hose but afraid of cleaning dust & dirt from the floor, a window air conditioner comes in handy for them.


As we’re at the end of this article, we believe now you have a complete idea of how to install a window air conditioner in a sliding window? Above in this article, we’ve explained what are the steps that you have to go through. Just follow the steps accordingly and take the help from your user manual, you can effortlessly set up your window air conditioner.