10 Reasons Your AC Turns on and Off Repeatedly and Solution

Ac Turns on and Off Repeatedly is the most common problem that people face. According to experts the main reason for this problem is short cycling in most cases. Although dirty, failing, broken parts for other various components are also responsible for this. The interesting part of this matter is that these above component’s problems divert into the main problem somehow.

However, We know how it feels when your Ac Turns on and Off Repeatedly and makes you annoyed. Here we come with identifying those problems and their possible solutions. So, let’s see without further time-wasting.

10 Reasons Why AC Turns on and Off Repeatedly and Solution

We know the Air Conditioner which is switching on-off continuously is bad for both Ac system and homeowners. By concerning that, below we have discussed 10 possible causes that related to AC Turns on and Off Repeatedly somehow and cause for Short Cycling.


1. Thermostat Failure

The Ac thermostat is used to control the temperature. When the thermostat does not detect the temperature correctly and communicates misinformation, it will signal the air conditioning system to stop and start repeatedly. If you see your thermostat screen is blank, it may be because of low batteries and for the losing power intermittently or for wrong thermostat placement. It may also be responsible for your Ac system turning off and on.


  • Replace the Battery in the proper place and restart the thermostat.
  • Place the thermostat in the correct position.
  • Neither, Hire an HVAC Professional to diagnose the thermostat.

2. Dirty Air Filter

Blocked air filters are one of the most common issues influencing the air conditioner system. Because an air filter is the most unsung thing in the entire system, and that’s why it needs most consideration.

Dirty Air Filter

Obstructed air filters are responsible for working your Ac in low proficiency and hinders cooling down your home in the right way. However, a dirty air filter is also responsible for overheating your air conditioner system by creating obstacles in airflow. That causes multiple serious problems, including repeatedly on-off and short cycling.


  • Clean and replace air filters if they are getting dirty.
  • Use vinegar when clean and vacuum to get as rid of dust and dirt as possible.
  • Clean Your Air Filter once every month.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

Because of inaccurate low maintenance for a few years, it’s possible your condenser coils became caked in dirt and debris. Condenser coils are situated inside the outdoor Ac unit and work to release the heat temperature from inside your home. When they are blocked with too much dirt and grime, your air conditioner system may overheat and turn off repeatedly. Blocking airflow because of condenser coils is common and when this happens heat move is hindered. Because of that, your unit needs to work enthusiastically to carry the responsibility.


  • Clean Air Conditioner’s condenser coil every year.
  • Use vinegar when cleaning your condenser coil.
  • Do air conditioners service maintenance by a professional

4. Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is the coolant cycle throughout your Ac system. It absorbs heat and helps to cool down the air inside your home. Many people think that refrigerant is used as the main part of the cooling process. But the truth is short refrigerant level is due to small holes which allows the refrigerant to escape.

Refrigerant Leak

When your Ac system experiences low refrigerant, the compressor will shut down because of low pressure. This can create a short cycle and which may cause massive wear and tear. And potentially responsible for system failure or repeatedly on-off problems.


  • Fix the refrigerant leak as soon as possible
  • Call a local HVAC company to find and fix the leak immediately.

5. Large Size Ac

Many people face this problem due to a lack of knowledge on How to size an Air Conditioner. A system that is too large will not have a proper refrigerant cycle and can face numerous internal problems, like on-off frequently, cooling your home too quickly. A large size Ac is also responsible for serious problems like higher energy bills, more repairs, and a shorter lifespan. You need more wear and tear to install your Ac also. It doesn’t mean that short cycling uses huge energy but also needs more parts to set it correctly.


  • Understanding the approximate Ac size requirements.
  • Before installation contact a mechanic or exporters.
  • Select a suitable and proper place to install your Ac or use the Best Portable Air Conditioner.

6. Capacitor Issue

In most cases, problems with the capacitor may be responsible for Ac turn-off-on problem. The most fundamental part of an Ac is the molding system is the capacitor itself. It attaches with the engines and it plays out the activity of creating balance on voltage and helps to give the required shock.

Capacitor Issue

The capacitor is connected with the three primary engines, the blower engine, the compressor engine, and the open-air fan engine. In most cases, the widely recognized issue which terrible capacitors can cause is a hard beginning. This is the point your Ac experience firing up sometimes, and afterward become off a short while later.


  • Repair your Capacitor by a mechanic
  • Replace the capacitor in case of serious damage
  • Contact with customer service of your Air Conditioner Brand.

7. Loose Cable

There are many problems that happen due to basic issues. Having the short circuits is responsible for these types of basic issues in the Air Conditioner. Improper wire associations and inappropriate cable connection is the main reason for this. A loose cable connection can be seen in the circuit, capacitor, and in the thermostat.  For loose connection, various electrical wires face obstacles to flow the power. This creates disturbances on the current stream and causes the breaking down of many components.


  • Check all wire connections after installation.
  • Install your Air Conditioner by a professional expert, not a mechanic.
  • Follow the instruction manual for regular maintenance

8. Electrical Problem

The electrical problem is not related to the repeatedly on-off problem. But it has a connection with it because frequent electrical problems create short cycling. Short cycling is the biggest cause of the on-off problem. Problems with the electrical board, in the thermostat, may also create this problem. Sometimes a problem with the electrical supply and a problem with the capacitor is also responsible for these kinds of trouble.


  • Use a backup source for an electrical outage
  • Call a local professional electricians

9. Frozen Evaporator Coils

When your Ac system has run into airflow issues or a refrigerant leak, it may be because of freezing the evaporator coils. When this happens your outside Ac will turn automatically off until the ice breaks. Frozen Evaporation may happen for many reasons. Among them, in most cases, Clogged Drainpipe, low temperature outdoors, and dirty air filter. When the system airflow experiences obstacles, it freezes up the evaporation coils.

Frozen Evaporator Coils


  • Inspect your outdoor Ac unit to see whether ice buildup or not.
  • Clean the air filters to avoid the risk of Frozen Evaporation of your Air Conditioners Coils.

10. Compressor is Going Bad

Due to a problem with your compressor, your Ac may experience an on-off problem frequently. Where nobody wants to change the compressor due to its high price tag. But it’s true, because of improper gas evaporation that happens sometimes. In Ac, the compressor works when refrigerant leaves Ac evaporator, it controls the form of low-pressure gas. It also controls the rise of temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.


  • Call your desired brand’s customer service to fix the compressor.
  • For a major issue, replace a compressor according to the exporter’s opinion.


During the hot months, you need your air conditioner up and running and it is expected that it will give top performance and best levels. Investing in the best equipment and after successful installation no one expects Ac Turns on and Off Repeatedly. If it happens then it can ruin the entire situation. Therefore Air Conditioner regular Maintenance is needed by an HVAC professional.

We are at the end of our discussion. We hope you will find this article beneficial for you to detect the problem. In the above, we have tried to give an individual solution for every problem that may save your time and money. Thanks for reading with patience.