Top 7 Best Quiet Projectors for Home Viewing and Gaming in 2021

Projectors are considered very convenient and practical over flat screen TVs. A home projector saves you a lot of space as compared to TVs and is more efficient in terms of energy consumption, which actually saves you a significant sum of money. Most people think of the stupid reeling noise when someone talks about quiet projectors, but it is not what we are talking about, with advancement in technology such reeling projectors have become obsolete and the new digital projectors have become the market buzz for more than a few decades now. Let’s hop on to the list of best quiet projectors directly now!

List of Best Quiet Projectors

View Sonic PA503S High brightness projector View Sonic PA503S High brightness projector
  • Exceptionally quiet with only 27dB noise emission
  • Super bright
  • Approachable price
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BenQ HT2050A BenQ HT2050A
  • Flexible connectivity and highly compatible
  • Low latency gaming experience
  • Considerably quiet 
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Optoma HD146X Optoma HD146X
  • Ultimate gaming experience
  • Best in segment quiet
  • Build to last long
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  • 50000 hours long lasting lamp life
  • 80% brighter than other DLP projectors
  • Affordable price
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Epson Pro Epson Pro
  • Quiet operation for flawless presentation and videos\
  • Ultra bright and superior contrast ratio
  • 1 year warranty back up
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View Sonic PA503S High brightness projector

View Sonic has been in the market for over 30 years developing award winning display screen solutions and providing excellent customer support. 

This unit by View Sonic is worthy enough to top the list. The View Sonic PA503S is one of the best quiet operating projector that comes at a considerably approachable price. The company claims that at 3800 lumens the noise level of the projector is less than or equal to 27dB which is like quieter than whisper-quiet!

This projector is very versatile and is considered ideal for home and small business environment. It offers a huge screen projection of 120 inches from 15 feet 8inches. The projected image size can range from 30-300 inches. It has a Super Eco mode that lengthens the life of light lamp and allows it to shine bright up to 15000 hours. The unit has a very stellar contrast ratio of 22000:1, and resolutions of 1980p×1080p. With a brightness of 3800 lumens this projector can fit to any environment be it a dim lit game cabin, or an office. 


  • 3800 lumens SVGA DLP projector
  • 30 to 300 inch screen size
  • Up to 1980p × 1080p resolution
  • Reduced input latency of 16ms
  • 3D Blu-ray ready HDMI input
  • 2W internal speaker
  • Proprietary SuperColor technology features an exclusive 6 segment color wheel and dynamic lamp
  • Aspect ratio – 4:3
  • Energy saving Super Eco mode
  • Product dimensions – 4.33 × 11.57 × 8.58 inches
  • Product weight – 7.14 pounds
  • 2 AA batteries required
  • Remote control


  • Exceptionally quiet with only 27dB noise emission
  • Super bright
  • Approachable price


  • Audio quality could have been better

Verdict :

Best overall.

This unit from the house of View Sonic is best known for its super bright and quiet performance. It also comes at a very affordable price. So if you don’t want to go through all that selection process and just want a good quality affordable unit. This is it!

BenQ HT2050A 1080p Home Theatre Projector

BenQ is a child company of the Taiwan based giant Qisda Corporation, with its manufacturing units in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Mexico. It is a world wide brand known for its innovative gadget solutions. 

The BenQ HT2050A DLP projector provides a big screen audio-visual experience in full HD with >90% Rec. 709 accuracy for authentic cinematic colors. The device is easy to setup and has a short throw of 100 inch pictures just from 2.5 meters away. The best thing we liked about this unit is it’s 10W power speaker that delivers enhanced audio quality for elevated enjoyment. The 6 speed RGBRGB color wheel generates vivid and accurate display. It has a 1.3X zoom that allows varied mounting and placement options  without the installation hassle. Offering Cinema Master audio+ 2 speaker and a high responsive input lag of 16ms this unit becomes one of the best projector for gamers. This unit by BenQ is highly compatible to most devices including Apple MacBook, Amazon fire stick, mobile devices, gaming consoles, media players with input options such as HDMI and USB.


  • Brightness of 2200 lumens with high native contrast ratio
  • 100 inch screen projection just from 8 feets, projects up to 300 inches
  • Specialized low input lag of 16ms
  • Uses DLP technology
  • 10W power speaker
  • Supports 3D content
  • Product dimensions – 15 × 11 × 5 inches
  • Product weight – 8 pounds


  • Flexible connectivity and highly compatible
  • Low latency gaming experience
  • Considerably quiet 


  • Slightly less bright than it’s competitors
  • Short lamp life


This device offers excellent performance with assured quiet, it can turn your living room into a spectacular entertainment room. This unit is ideal for home, as it has comparatively low brightness for office use. It is great for gaming and movies, the CineMaster Audio+2 speaker provides an immersive experience. We would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for high quality gaming experience, with theatre like sound quality.

Optoma HD146X High performance Projector | DLP Single Chip Design

The Optama HD146X is build to enhance your huge screen cinematic experience with excellent color reproduction and high quality contrast ratio of 25000:1 which ensures that images up to 301 inches look incredible and provide unmatched immersion for movies and intense gaming. The HDMI link technology enables you to operate all connected devices with a single remote control. This projector is easy to install as it comes with a 40° keystone correction and 1.1 x zoom that enables accurate placement of the projector. Unlike the BenQ model this Optama HD146X has a long lasting light lamp that will last for up to 15000 hours. The TI DLP technology ensures perfect image alignment which makes it one of the most loved projector by gamers.

For a better cinema experience it has a 6-segment color wheel (RYGCWB) that produces vivid and colorful images. The best thing we liked about this unit is its low noise level of 26dB, when run on eco mode.


  • 3600 lumens – TI° DLP technology
  • Projects a 120” image from a distance of 14 feet
  • Easy connectivity with HDMI 1.4, Audio-out, USB-A
  • Game display mode
  • Fully supports 3D content 
  • 40° keystone correction, 1.1x zoom for better installation
  • 15000 hours of lamp life
  • HDMI CEC for easy ON/OFF
  • Product dimensions: 9.5 × 12.4 × 4.3 inches
  • Product weight – 6.2 pounds


  • Ultimate gaming experience
  • Best in segment quiet
  • Build to last long


  • Costlier than  View Sonic


Most quiet DLP projector.

This unit from the house of Optama is very quiet in operation and delivers superior quality image with low lag latency of 16ms. This unit is ideal for both home and office. It provides ultimate gaming experience with its enhanced gaming mode.

GOODEE BL98 HD Home projector

GooDee is the new player in audiovisual market, within just three years they have established a great customer base with their innovative solutions, the best thing about this projector is it’s ultra quiet operation. GooDee took it upon themselves to bring out a new more quiet cooling system.  With innovation the BL98 projector became more brighter, and long lasting. This smart projector uses high definition glass lens that will present a clearer picture quality and provide you a great movie experience. 

The best thing about this new upgraded device is its brightness and lamp life, and ultra quiet experience. And it also has flexible connectivity and compatibility, supports Fire TV, iOS, android, HDMI, PC, PS4, Xbox etc.


  • Contrast ratio – 5000:1
  • Max screen size – 300”
  • Minimum screen size- 42” with a minimum throw distance of 4 feet
  • Screen resolution – 1920 × 1080 
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Product dimensions – 16.46 × 11.97 × 6.53 inches
  • Product weight – 8.63 pounds


  • Ultra quiet
  • 50000 hours long lasting lamp life
  • 80% brighter than other DLP projectors
  • Affordable price


  • Build quality might not be as good as it should be.


Best budget pick

This unit by GooDee is one of the most quiet operating DLP projectors of the market and moreover comes at a very low price which makes it too appealing to the customers. With advanced features and long lasting lamp life, this unit is almost irresistible for the customers. We would definitely recommend this unit whether you need it for outdoor use or indoor gaming, the brightness is never going to disappoint you. All in all, this product provides you too much in just $200.

Epson Pro EX7280 3-chip 3LCD WXGA Projector

Epson is a well established brand name with a huge customer base in the audiovisual projector market. They are known for their robust build quality and smooth performance. This Epson Pro is also quiet along with being ultra bright and clear in its image projection. It is considered ideal for office use but can also provide great gaming and movies experience at home. The Epson Pro uses true 3-chip 3LCD technology and displays 100% of RGB color signal for every frame.

The device has versatile connectivity features such as an HDMI port for easy connection with streaming devices including fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast etc. There is a built-in speaker so you don’t have to connect to an external one. Amazing dynamic crisp contrast ratio of 16000:1, which provides rich details in video and images. 

Although this projector can be used for home viewing and gaming, there is a little lag while intense gaming and the excessive brightness makes it hard to spot enemies or obstacles in a game. So, if you are not satisfied with our previous DLP projector list, it is advisable that you may consider other 3LCD projectors specifically made for gaming and streaming.


  • Brightness – 4000 lumens for both color and white
  • WXGA resolution – projects up to 320” 
  • 1.2 optical zoom adjustment, horizontal slider, and auto vertical correction
  • Product dimensions – 15.5 × 15 × 6.6 inches
  • Product weight – 8.48 pounds


  • Quiet operation for flawless presentation and videos
  • Ultra bright and superior contrast ratio
  • 1 year warranty back up


  • Costly
  • Heavier
  • Not compatible with gaming consoles
  • Lag


This unit by Epson is ideal for light use at home and office whether for education or movies at home or for flawless presentations at office.

The quality of this product is not going to disappoint you unless you expected it to be compatible for hardcore gaming.

Crosstour P970 Native 1080p Mini portable Projector

The Native P970 video projector has 1920 × 1080p Full HD resolution with a contrast ratio of 8000:1. The company Crosstour is not so famous and a very few customers know that the brand even actually exists, so in terms of product quality and customer support you have to rely on their trust. Although the brand is listed on Amazon and has more than eight thousand customer reviews on a bunch of different products including dash cams and cameras, which makes it easy for us to trust. This projector by Crosstour has great quality assurance and has a brightness level of 240 ANSI lumens which is equivalent to 8000 lumens of other normal projectors. The best thing we liked about this unit is the built-in speakers- dual five Watt speakers with excellent bass and sound quality. It is also very quiet operating with its innovative cooling system. 


  • Brightness- 240 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast ratio – 8000:1
  • LED equipped lamp – 60000 hours of life
  • 300” max screen size
  • Dual 5W speakers 
  • Wide compatibility with Android, iOS, pc, Xbox, PS4 etc.
  • 1 year guarantee and lifetime warranty support
  • Product dimensions – 8.22 x 7.32 x 3.7 inches
  • Product weight – 4.39 pounds


  • Approachable price
  • Compact and easily portable
  • 1 year guarantee


  • Might lag while playing on console

Verdict :

This LED lamp equipped projector is build to last for years, with its compact and sleek design makes it easily portable. It has a native resolution of 1920x1080p full HD support which is like the highest in this mini projector segment. We definitely recommend this product to our readers, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor use and compatible with most devices.

Anker Nebula Solar 1080p projector with Android TV 9.0

Adding to the list of quietest Projectors we have come to our final pick. The Anker Android projector has everything that you can want from a smart projector. Equipped with advanced technology this projector is made to stand out from the competition and deliver high quality projection while emitting very less noise.  

This portable Solar device is easy to setup and use, and the not so big projection screen of 120” provides perfect outdoor and indoor experience for a movie night.

This compact device offers you unforgettable audio, hear every whisper, song, and explosion in superior clarity with Dolby Digital Plus Dual 3W speakers. 

The Android TV 9 supports more than 5000 apps including YouTube, Hulu etc. and ensure a perfect entertainment package for you. The device has a long lasting three hour rechargeable battery, which lets you mini-binge watch series and movies. It is easy to carry and setup as it has a built in stand, so no need to carry that tripod everywhere you go. 


  • Brightness – 400 ANSI lumens
  • Native resolution – 1920x1080p
  • CPU- Quad Core A55 chipset
  • GPU – Quad Core Mali G31
  • Battery – 20,000 mAh lithium ion
  • Dual 3W speakers
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual mode – projector mode and Bluetooth speaker mode
  • Product dimensions – 7.56 × 7.57 × 2.15 inches
  • Product weight – 2.8 pounds
  • Noise level less than 28dB


  • Best in segment features
  • Ultra quiet performance
  • Excellent customer support


  • Takes too long to charge the 20000 mAH battery

Verdict :

Best overall compact projector.

If you are looking for a portable compact projector, this is the one for you. This unit by Anker offers amazing features and has  very quiet operating noise level. The brightness of this unit is 400 ANSI lumens which is equivalent to 15000 normal lumens. The device is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities, if a compact projector can cater to you needs we highly recommend you to invest in this unit and you won’t be disappointed with the results. It is also comparatively cheaper and offers best in class features.

What are the key features of a projector that you should consider before making a purchase?

  1. Screen Size and Brightness- always check that the screen size is compatible to your room setting or not, brightness is another important factor, if you plan to use the projector outdoors than we would recommend you go for higher lumens.
  2. Resolution- whether you are gamer or not, resolution vastly affects your user experience, be it office meetings, or a family movie time or gaming with friends, a high resolution display will never let you down. Look for 1080p or higher.
  3. Contrast ratio- contrast ratio should always be just the right amount, whether you plan to use the projector indoors or outdoors a standard contrast ratio will help proper display of content and superior picture quality. All of the above listed projectors have adequate contrast ratio.
  4. Lens Zoom and Keystone correction- if you purchase a projector without knowing it’s zoom capacity and keystone correction setting then it becomes very hard to setup the projector correctly, which may lead to distorted or foggy screen projection. Consider zoom capacities of 1.1x to 1.75 and a keystone correction of 40°
  5. Lamp life – check the life of your LED or DLP lamp before making a purchase, consider lamps that last longer than 30,000 hours.
  6. Price-  price is another important aspect you should consider before making a purchase. Choose what is best for your pocket and needs alike.

Does a projector really make any noise?

Well the straight away answer to this question is Yes! The modern digital projectors can make really annoying noises although not so loud as 60dB, but significant enough to draw your attention and might irritate you a little. What causes the noise? The whirring noise in a projector is caused by a cooling fan because where there is light, there is heat and where there’s any heat it needs cooling, and the most common method of cooling in most electronic devices is a fan. 

The whirring noise of a cooling fan can be very irritating while watching a horror movie or playing an intense game. And moreover you would not want to bring anything whirring in your already soundproof home.

So now that it’s clear why you need a quiet projector, let’s get started with our top 9 quietest picks. But let us first introduce you to a few technical terms of projector world without which the specifications of different modals will just sound mumbo-jumbos to you. 

  • Throw – Throw is just a term the manufacturers use to describe the length/distance between the projector and the screen.
  • DLP, 3LCD, LCoS – these are the 3 different types of digital projectors of the market. DLP stands for ‘digital light processing’ these type of projectors use mirrors to light through color wheels and present the output image. These are the ones most commonly used by movie theatres. 3LCD stands for 3 Liquid Cristal Display, as the name suggests these projectors use 3 different LCD panels in RGB colors to create an image. Although the contrast of these projector is not as good as DLPs but they offer better color reproduction. The third kind of projectors are Liquid Crystal on Silicon projection. These kind of projectors use liquid crystal on silicon back-plate to produce high quality images. This type of projectors are way more expensive than others and also have highest quality resolution.
  • Resolution – resolution is an important feature which describes how clear a projected image will be, based on the number of pixels displayed on a given space. While purchasing a projector for home consider the resolution a must, and choose 1980p×1080p or higher.
  • Lumens- the brightness of projectors is measured as lumens, and the brightness level is always stated in the product description. The higher the number, the brighter the projector. Although if you have control over the lighting of the room you plan to put the projector in, a moderately bright projector will do its job very satisfactorily.

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