SmokeSOS Review 2023: Read This Before Buying

The security at home is never enough and the detector of smoke is proposed as a useful security system. The SmokeSOS is the best smoke detector that is invented to distinguish the smoke and fire inside the house. Then, it emits a loud sound so you can take actions and run away from the room. The long-lasting battery works for about 10 years. In the SmokeSOS review, I will share my experience with the smoke detector and how it protected us.

Smoke is formed from products deriving from inefficient combustion, which generates a series of particles suspended in the air. This SmokeSOS can pick up particles and other gases to send signals with loud warnings. It is VdS, RoHS, etc. certified that claims its quality.

What Is SmokeSOS?

SmokeSOS is an alarm mechanism that identifies the existence of smoke in the room air. Then, it emits an audible signal to warn of the hazard of fire in a house. When you are staying in office or other events, it will send an alert on your smartphone if danger happens. The best advantages of the device is the battery that lasts up to 10 years.

What Is SmokeSOS

From the smartphone app, you can control the device and disable sound to avoid annoyance. You can connect multiple SmokeSOS devices with each other. Without any expert’s help, you can easily install and connect it to ensure your safety.

Special Benefits And Key Features Smokesos

SmokeSOS is an effective smoke alarm system that provides a wide range of benefits. Below, I will share the special features and benefits of the SmokeSOS device:

Special Benefits and Key features SmokeSOs

Instant alert:

The smoker alarm sends an alert within seconds when it detects smoke particles around it. It is equipped with photoelectric sensors that perform better than other alarm sensors. Also, it sends an alert at the same time to all connected devices.

Long-lasting battery:

It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can run the device for up to 10 years. So, I never worried about the battery low down. Sometimes, I heard annoying sounds due to the battery running out. The battery is sealed with a cover that is difficult to tear down.

Easy to set up:

It comes with necessary screws and anchor plugs. With these accessories, you can easily install the smoke alarm gadget. Also, it has a mount option to hang on the wall. You can add it anywhere as you want.


It has a lithium-ion battery that is not dangerous to our surroundings. Most of the smoke alarm is directly connected with the electric line. SO, you will not get alerts when the electricity cuts out. But, the SmokeSOS is powered with a durable battery that does not require electricity for 10 years.

Standby mode:

The SmokeSOS sends red alerts after every 56 seconds so I can know that the device is working. This standby mode alert keeps the device active for 24/7 hours. So, you can stay away from any type of fire-related danger.

Not sensitive:

The device uses advanced technology that can be customized when you are cooking. It will make an alarm when real danger takes place. Also, its sound is louder but not panic like other smoker alarm devices.

How SmokeSOS Smoke Detector Saves Your Life?

The SmokeSOS works on a photoelectric sensor that detects smoke particles immediately and sends an alert with alarm. It is also equipped with ionization sensors for better performance. So, you can take steps to extinguish the fire before any big accident happens. Its red light indicates emergencies.

How SmokeSOS Smoke Detector Saves Your Life

A night-light always blinks after every 56 seconds that ensure it is working. It helps to adjust the temperature with its thermostat. The thermostat allows you to prevent the fire from spreading in your room by turning off the HVAC system. It provides impressive house automation support that works with several high intense sensors.

Why Is SmokeSOS Smoke Detector So Revolutionary?

The SmokeSOS is revolutionary for its instant alert. It also offers a wide range of useful features:

It sends an instant alert:

When it detects any fire particles nearby, it makes a loud alarm. The alert also sends to all connected devices through the app. You can customize it to stop making a sound during cooking.

10 years of battery life:

The smoke detector device runs with a lithium-ion battery that works for 10 years without any problems. So, you do not need to add wire, replace the battery, recharge with a charger. The options indicate the electricity saving feature of the gadget. Wired detectors do not work during load shedding.

Small and minimal design:

Its size is relatively small and you can mount it on the wall. With the screws and anchor plugs, it is easy to set up everywhere. It always blinks a red light after starting to ensure it is running. You can install it in the ceiling, wall ventilator and other small areas. Also, its ABS material construction provides durable performance.

Why Do We Recommend Smoke Detectors For Every Home?

The smoke detector will activate an audible alarm when it detects smoke caused by combustion. It can also be added with a smartphone so that you will get a notification immediately if you are away from home.

Why Do We Recommend Smoke Detectors For Every Home

With its mount port, it can be hung on the wall or other small areas. It has advanced sensors that allows you to deactivate it while cooking. Also, the device requires no maintenance cost because its battery works for 10 years. The device is now needed for every house to stay safe from fire accidents.

SmokeSOS Can Be Used Anywhere?

The SmokeSOS construction is quite small and has a mount on its back. So, it is easy to mount anywhere, even the small area like ceiling, wall ventilator, etc. For its versatile design, it is perfectly suitable for home and office use where we need fire protection. Also, it ensures safety for children because the innocent kids can do anything. Mount the device at the top of the wall so that the kids cannot touch it.

SmokeSOS Can Be Used Anywhere

Does This Device Worth Purchasing?

In our house, family protection is the first choice if there is any risk of fire out. We all sleep at night and fire can be extinguished from electricity or other sources. So, the SmokeSOS device is a worthy device for every house. Life is more precious than money. I have purchased it at a 50% discount. If you get the device at a discounted price, it will be best to keep your family safe from fire.

How Can I Buy SmokeSOS?

I have ordered the smoke alert device from here. It is the SmokeSOS manufacturer’s official website. They offer coupon codes everyday, so use the codes to get the fire alert system at a discounted price.

How Can I Buy SmokeSOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s know the frequently asked question’s answer about the SmokeSOS.

Where to install smoke alarms?

The alarm should be placed where the chance of fire out is. It can be installed in the basement, bedroom, hallway, stairs, garage, etc.

Will the fire department check smoke detectors?

Fire departments install a smoker alert device free of cost. You can use the device after testing by the respective officer.

What is the best location for a smoke detector in a bedroom?

The best location is the outside of your bedroom above the door. Also, place it in the dining room and every level of your building.

How many smoke detectors should be in a house?

It depends on the level of your living place. I recommend to use at least 2 smoke detectors on every level. One is for outside the bedroom and another is for stairs or the dining room.

Final Thought

I have shared my user experience about the smoke alert device on the SmokeSOS review. Fires can come out for several reasons. With the smoke detector, you and your family stay safe from many dangers and tragedies. Most fires occur during sleeping at night and when we are not at home.

The smart detector works with a smartphone app that allows me to observe and get notification of dangers. When it detects the smoke, it makes a loud sound and emits a signal with LED light blinking. So, get the device for your home safety.