HomeNETIX Review (Update 2023): Control Your Home Device From Anywhere

It is possible to automate the home electronic system and control them from a smartphone. With HomeNETIX, I turn my total home electronic system automated. All functions can be controlled from the smartphone. It supports iOS, Alexa and android devices. I use voice commands to turn Netflix to TV. Its construction is minimal so that it can be used in small areas and corners. I will explain my opinions and experience in the HomeNETIX review.

We have to wake up from bed and sit to switch the home appliances. Sometimes, it becomes boring and time hampering. If the remote of the home appliances are lost, we become worried and angry. The HomeNetix allows you to control all home electronic devices from the phone. I just need to point the required appliance with the remote controller.

What Is HomeNETIX? – HomeNetix Review

HomeNetix is a smart gadget that makes our home into a smart home. From a smartphone, I can control all home appliances from the smartphone. It works with the app that has different versions for iOS, Alexa and android devices.

What Is HomeNETIX - HomeNetix Review

Also, it can be used to control Air conditioners, lights, fans, TV and many more. To install the device, I don’t need a technician because its setup procedure is very simple. It can be joined with a wireless network without any gateway. Let’s discover more details about the smart home controller in the HomeNetix review.

HomeNETIX Main Key Features

HomeNetix is a device to transform your home into a smart home. With the smartphone, it can control all remote devices. Let’s discover the features:

HomeNETIX Main Key Features

Control all appliance:

I always ignore to turn off the lights in the morning. After arriving at the office, I remember this. The HomeNetix allows me to shut down the bulbs from my office. It is done through the smart home device app. Also, I tried it on the air conditioner, IPS, fan and more.

Voice command option:

It supports voice command and takes action when I say a line. When my kids are watching cartoon channels, I say, “Change the cartoon to Discovery.” The voice control option is faster than a regular remote controller.

Support many device:

It allows me to make Apple, android and Alexa devices as a remote controller. The apps are easy to pair with the HomeNetix device and used to control the electric appliances.

Built-in sleep mode:

The option helps to keep the Air conditioner in the optimal mode that ensures restful sleep. I disable the app notification at night, so no sound alert cannot hamper my sleeping. Also, its screen limitation makes its use more convenient to all.

Smart linkage system:

With the smart device, I have connected all appliances within 26 ft distance. All connected devices are shown in an organized way, so it is easy to control appliances. Also, its recommended scenes allow me to enjoy endless options.

Why Do I Need HomeNETIX Remote?

I have said that I have forgotten to turn off the light that increases the bill. After installing the HomeNetix smart home controller, I got a smart solution for the problem. It helps to control the TV when my kids are watching TV. It can be used wherever I want. I have pointed out some reasons why we need it.

Why Do I Need HomeNETIX Remote

As I said, it is an effective solution to prevent forgotten problems. Just open the app and close the appliance that you left in the running situation. When I was coming back home, I turned on the light from the phone. So, the darkness of the room cannot make me fumble.

Kids are fond of watching TV shows. Once they start watching TV, you cannot stop them. Otherwise, they will cry or shut out. From a distance, I change the running shows and try to convert my kids.

It can understand the voice command as like google voice. With correct pronunciation, it allows me to control all things quickly. To use the feature, your speaking must be clear.

It helps to control appliances automatically while sleeping. It controls the AC speed and temperature according to your body temperature during sleeping. The smart feature falls me in love with HomeNetix.

For these amazing facilities, I need a HomeNetix remote for my home.

How to Use Home Netix?

We are familiar with the universal remote controller. The HomeNetix works in the same way, but its use is a little bit different. Let’s see how am I using it:

How to Use Home Netix
  • Take the smartphone and the HomeNetix device.
  • Install the supported HomeNetix app on the phone.
  • Now, sync the smart home device with a smartphone.
  • Then, configure all options in the setting menu as I want.

After that, I enjoy the device to control appliances from anywhere. During setup, it presents the instruction on the phone screen. So, you can easily install it.

Home Netix Rating and Benefits

The benefits of the HomeNetix are unlimited. Below, I only share those benefits that amazed me. Let’s see below:

Home Netix Rating and Benefits
  • It helps to connect all appliances within 26 ft range and control from anywhere.
  • It can be synchronized with all smartphones within a short time.
  • The limited screen time and auto AC temperature control make it convenient for all.
  • I have used it using my voice and it works faster with a voice command.
  • It allows me to control TV shows when my kids are watching it.
  • It is a tiny device so that it can be installed everywhere in the room.
  • Control all appliances with a smartphone.
  • Easy to sync with phone and control.
  • Smart linkage with optimal performance.
  • Limited screen time.
  • Voice command support.
  • Control kids entertainment shows.
  • Control appliance from outside using the app.
  • Smart air conditioner temperature control.
  • Sleep and custom preset mode.
  • Recommended scenes ensure perfect changes.
  • 26 ft area coverage.
  • No waterproof protection.

Where To Buy Home Netix

I have purchased the HomeNetix from the manufacturer’s official website. I recommend to get it from here. I guarantee that you will get the genuine product from here without any delivery charges. Also, they provide coupon code to purchase the smart home controller at a 50% discount. At this price range, it is worthy of the cost.

Where to Buy Home Netix

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I will answer the following frequently asked questions about HomeNetix.

What is the best smart remote?

The HomeNetix is the best smart remote because you can regulate the linked devices from anywhere using its app. For that, data connection or Wi-Fi is required.

How Do You Use Universal Remotes?

First, start your device and hold the power buttons of the remote. After turning on the power button, wait 2-3 seconds to connect with the appliance. I use a universal remote in this way.

What are the Benefits Of a Universal Remote?

A universal remote helps to control our home electronic appliances from the smartphone app. Also, the remote allows me to control volume, mute, output, input, etc.

What Is The Best Universal Remote?

The best universal remote is the device that allows us to manage all electronic appliances from a smartphone. It helps to control the appliances when we are outside or on travel.

Is the HomeNetix App available for both iOS and Android?

Yes, I have already used the HomeNetix on Alexa, Android and iOS devices without any problems.

Final Thought

In this HomeNetix review, I have covered all about the smart home remote that I experienced. Smart home devices are absolutely one of the rebellions in housing, as they allow us to inevitably regulate many of our own home electronic systems.

Like this, the HomeNetix is the smarter and comfortable smart home device that makes my life easier. It has no limitations on use and I am using it still now to control my home. Its setup is simple with a smartphone and Wi-Fi without the need for any ports. Get the device and control your home smartly.