6 Ways To Fix Send To Kindle Not Working

The increasing popularity of eBooks has made companies think about how one can easily store and access them in one dedicated device. Amazon has come up with such a device that is specifically designed for bookworms who have shifted to ebooks to save some space in their house. The newly launched Kindle Oasis will definitely give you the best experience in eBooks. 

The Amazon Kindle is built while keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of bookworms. It has to compete with physical books which many still consider to be better. The Kindle, unlike paperbacks, is waterproof and the sleek and simple design makes it very easy to hold in one hand for a long reading period. The screen glare protection which is not present in most mobiles also helps users to read their books out in the warm sun.

How To Fix Send to Kindle Not Working?

While Kindles are pretty famous, there have been reports of some issues with the send-to-kindle feature not working on the app. This issue prevents you from sending  pdfs or ebooks to your kindle from both your phone or PC. Many bookworms become antsy when this happens and frankly it can be a bit frustrating when you can’t have your favourite books on Kindle.

If you are facing such an issue, here are a few solutions that you can try to solve this problem:-

1. Switch to an Earlier Version of the App

Surprisingly, it has been seen that the new version of the Kindle app is riddled with bugs that have not been fixed yet. These bugs might be responsible for the send-to-kindle function to malfunction. You simply need to download the earlier version of the Kindle app and link it with your Kindle. It may sound ridiculous but many users have found this to be helpful. You could always update to a newer version once the bugs have been taken care of.

2. Check Confirmation Email

After the newest update of the app, a new step has been added to the send-to-kindle function. If you are not aware of this, let us tell you that you now have to confirm the function through the mail. This may be another reason why your kindle is unable to upload your ebooks. It simply needs your mail confirmation. 

In order to confirm your send-to-kindle request, navigate to the mail that is linked with your Amazon Kindle where you will find the pending confirmation email in your inbox. Open the mail and confirm the action so that it can send the kindle the pdf or ebook. If you don’t immediately find the mail, don’t panic as sometimes it takes a little extra time to get the mail in the inbox. 

3. Check the Credentials

Some people through negligence can end up putting in the wrong email address. There is a possibility that this is why it’s not getting added in the Kindle. Always remember to double check your credentials to avoid this problem. Always use the registered mail ID for Kindle requests.

4. Check the Approved Emails

If you are new to Kindle then you may not be aware that your registered email address needs to be approved before sending files to kindle. Do recheck your approved list to see if the email address is present on this list. To approve the email click the + icon on the approved list and then add the email you want. The confirmation email will be sent on this account. Click on the confirmation and your account will be approved. 

5. Check File Size and Quantity

The send-to-kindle feature has certain limitations. It only works on files less than 50Mb and the number of files you can send should be less than 25. If you mess this up then the function will not work and malfunction. If the file is larger than 50Mb, compress it first and then send it to your kindle.

6. Put Text in the Title and Body

A great fix recommended by some users is to add a title and text in the body. When users were sending blank emails, the pdf was not reaching the kindle app. You can add any random titles and text to the body and the mails will reflect in the kindle. An added benefit of this is that it will help you to organize your books. Try this and see if all other steps fail and you don’t know know what to do.