3 Ways to Fix Alexa Something Went Wrong

We are sure you already know about Alexa. It is one of the most innovative inventions in recent times that has made life just so much easier. It is regarded as a top player in smart home technology. It is quite arguably Amazon’s greatest creation that has won it millions if not more.

Even though we have seen several new products in the market that have the same function, you have to agree that Alexa easily tops its class and remains to be the most popular among them. It can do the work of any smart assistant and help you control your home appliances in a completely hands-free way.

The device performs a variety of tasks like playing music, surfing the Internet for facts, creating to-do lists, setting reminders, and so on. The possibilities are endless and you won’t understand the large scope of its functions and features if you haven’t used one yourself.

While we know that the device is awesome in itself and can do a number of tasks, it does have a few problems that will frustrate people. Sometimes, the device can malfunction or simply not respond to your command the way it should. It might give you “something went wrong” message or indication to show that it is unable to process your request.

If you keep encountering this problem, there are a few things you can try to see if they solve it. Given below are a few troubleshooting methods that you can apply to make your Alexa properly respond to your commands.

Fix Alexa Something Went Wrong

The one thing you must note when you are using Alexa is that you will also need to have access to Amazon ‘Echo’ which will help Alexa live up to its full potential.

The Echo technology can be very efficient and is specially good for people who have multiple Amazon Echo devices in their household. It will help them to manage and control all their Echo devices at the same time. However, the technology is not that simple and people may encounter problems from time to time.

We have noticed among users that there are many people, especially beginners, who are facing the “something went wrong” issue. We understand that people generally get Alexa to make their life simpler and have the notion that operating this will be a breeze. While this is true in most cases, it doesn’t mean the device will never have problems.

It is seen that users follow the entire setup procedure and have the Echo device installed but they still face the “something went wrong” error message. We understand that this is extremely frustrating for users especially when Alexa refuses to operate properly and is constantly giving you the error message. 

If you have been facing this issue as well, fear not as you are not alone. We have thought hard about the issue and have come up with a list of solutions that will effectively solve the problem without much hassle. Read through these steps and hacks to see if you can identify the problem with your Alexa.

Fix 1: Power Cycle Your Devices

By now we all know that power cycling any device will solve most of people’s problems with them. This is the same in the case of Alexa Echo as well. Sometimes Alexa just needs a boost by resyncing and configuring everything again.

In order to power cycle your devices, simply plug them out and wait for sometime. After this you can plug them back in to help it reconnect. This can be done for all of your Echo devices. The system will sort of reboot and everything will be refreshed.

Sometimes power cycling devices even fix connectivity issues or slow response from Alexa as well. It is one of the most simple methods to troubleshoot your device and make it work like it should.

After you have successfully followed all the steps for power cycling the devices, we are positive that the problem will disappear. If you have already tried this and haven’t found a solution, you need to try the other hacks.

Fix 2: Reset the Router

Amazon Echo requires WiFi to operate. When you face these Something Went Wrong  messages, there is a big chance that your internet connection is the cause of the problem. No Internet and slow internet connection will significantly affect Alexa and comprise its operation. Sometimes, the devices will take time to respond or show error messages if the connection is not good enough for them.

Alexa also needs the internet to refresh and reset as well as update itself to get rid of bugs. These bugs will only be removed if Alexa has access to a stable and fast internet connection.

Resetting the router is very easy and you won’t have to wrack your brains too hard to configure everything again. Resetting the router will allow it to establish a good connection and help Alexa do its job in no time. 

Now Alexa will not work with a slow internet connection with a weak signal. So while you can reset the router for better connection you need to make sure if your internet connection is actually good enough to support your Echo devices.

You can Google or look up “internet speed test,” to see if the connection is solid and reliable enough to support Echo devices.

Sometimes you will discover through a speed test that your internet speeds are way less than what you should be receiving in the first place. In this case, you need to get in touch with your internet service provider and have a chat with them. If your internet plan is not good enough to support Alexa then consider investing in a more expensive one or the one with higher internet speed.

Fix 3: Wait for a While

We will ask to be a little patient when you see the “something went wrong” error. Sometimes, the reason for Alexa to not work might be due to the fact that it’s protecting itself. Internet servers are prone to attacks and when Alexa senses this it stops working temporarily. 

While this hack will work for you at times, make sure you contact the support team in case the problem persists. When you give time to Alexa to refigure itself, you will see that it will work well. Sometimes it may update itself in the background during which it will not work as well.


Alexa Something Went Wrong is a massage no one wants to see. Unfortunately, these are very common and you will encounter them at times. When this happens constantly, getting irritated will not help your case. You need to calm down and try all the above hacks to see if they are able to fix the issue.

Most of the time, these hacks will actually work and your Alexa will be up and running in no time. However, there might be cases where the problem will persist and you will have to think up other ways of solving the problem. Try to identify the cause of the problem and the solution will come to you. If you are unable to do so, seek the help of their online support team who will guide you the same.