4 Methods To Fix Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is a great product to own due to its excellent smart features and its incredible security of Z-Wave Plus. What attracts customers this is it’s easy and simple connectivity process that allows you to pair this device with your smart home automation system. This means you will get to enjoy many more features connected to the smart home hub.

You will be able to control the lock using your voice only. The smart lock will also be compatible with your smartphone from where you can operate it. The Schlage Connect Deadbolt with these features have made their locks very flexible and easy to use. If this doesn’t scream tech genius then nothing else does. After all, who wouldn’t want a smart Deadbolt when all your other devices are connected with the home hub?

Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

The smart lock is extremely convenient to use due to these incredible features. However, that doesn’t mean that the device is perfect or free of issues. You will be facing some issues with the device from time to time. Most of these will stem from bugs and glitches which are actually common in all devices.

However, if you are worried about the malfunction or issues and want them to be resolved ASAP, you need to troubleshoot the Schlage Connect. We have put together a list of ways in which you will be able to remove bugs and have your device up and running like normal.  You will find all these steps below. 

Factory Resetting Your Device

We all know that bug fixes can be done by factory resetting any device that is malfunctioning. The resetting process is easy and won’t take up much of your time.

You need to first disconnect the batteries of the device to begin with the process. Then you must hold the Schlage button which you will be able to find outside the device.

The next step would be to reconnect the batteries to the while you hold the button on the Schlage Connect. Immediately release the button when you have finished putting in the batteries. The lock will then do a setup routine only if it has been successfully resetted by you. If it doesn’t then you will have to try everything again till you get the results.

Connect To Z-Wave Network

The second option of troubleshooting your device would be to connect it to the Z-Wave Network. In order to do this, you must navigate to the Hubitat interface home page and then click on the Z-Wave. You will then start the pairing process of the Z-Wave on the device’s discovery page. Then you will have to press the Schlage button. You will be asked to enter your 6 digit programming code after which you will press 0.

If you can see a root sign, know that it is an indicator that says which you have joined the Z-Wave network. If you get an X sign it simply means that the process hasn’t worked and you haven’t joined the network.

Verifying Your Z-Wave Connection Status from Lock

You can start the process for this by removing your battery cover and disconnecting the battery connector. Watch the inside Schlage button and at the same time, reconnect the battery connector. You will see that the Schlage button will blink which means the lock has been enrolled.

Excluding Your Lock From Z-Wave Network

To exclude or remove your lock from the Z-Wave network, find the device’s detail page and click on the Remove Device option. Remove your device from here and. From the Hubitat’s Web Interface home page you need to select the Z-Wave. You will find the option to start Z-Wave exclusion on the Device Discovery page itself. Now, you need to click on the Schlage Button and then input the 6-digit programming code. Press on the root sign to pop up and tell you that the lock has been removed from the Z-Wave network.