Is it possible to set up Echo Dot without app?

The Amazon Echo has become a great household product that will fulfil your home automation dreams. It is one of the best smart speakers along with being a home automation device and can make your life so much simpler.

The device is super popular due to its great design, high-functionality, reliability and overall affordability in the smart speaker section. The set up process and operation is so easy that very few people encounter problems with this device. 

When one talks about basic functionality, there is not much to learn to be able to use Alexa Echo. Needless to say, the device still boasts of a wide range of features and functions. While not all of them might be used in your day to day life, they are still pretty impressive and great additions to have.

The special voice control feature allows you to operate the device with your voice itself. You can use it to play music, listen to podcasts, find facts, hear the latest news,  and many more. If you like to be organised with your activities, Alexa will help you set reminders, make to-do lists, add and modify your schedules, and so on. All you have to do is set up the device and use it.

Set Up Echo Dot Without App

In order to make maximum use of the Alexa Echo, users are required to follow proper directions to set up their Echo Dots. This is extremely important for the device as the Echo will not work properly or as expected if you don’t set it up perfectly. However, worry not, the process is fairly easy and will only require you to set it up once.

The first step you need to do when you bring this home is to connect it with your home WiFi. Then you will need to configure the device which can be done on the Alexa App. The settings section in the Alexa App will help you do so. You need to install the Alexa app on your smartphone and configure the device.

However, this is not the only way to set up the device. If you feel that you don’t want the extra hassle of installing an app on your phone for some reason, there are other ways you can set up the Alexa Echo.

We have got many requests from users who have wished to know exactly how they can set up Alexa without the App. Well, the process is difficult and a bit tedious but it is indeed possible.

While the Alexa app will not be required for this hack, you do have to set up the Alexa Echo using Windows 10. If you are a tech expert then we think you already know where this is going. If you are still unsure of the process, keep reading to see how you can do it.

Setting up Amazon Echo Dots with Windows 10

The first step of this process will require you to navigate to the you can use almost any browser of your choice to do so. After you have reached the site, you need to log into your existing account or create a new one. When you are done creating a new account you have to log in to start the process.

When you have signed in successfully, turn on the power of your Echo device. You will see that the ring light on the Echo will light up and you must wait till it turns into a shade of orange. You will notice that when the Echo device has the orange light on, it will instantly pop up as a recognized device on the Web page where you have your account open. The device actually is by default connected to the device after you have bought the item.

When you find the device you must press and hold  down the action button on for about 5 seconds. After this is done, look for the “Settings” option on the Web page. You will be given the option to set up a new device. 

Click on that option to set up a new device and you will see that it will automatically ask you what type of device you want to add. Pick the Echo Dots option when it asks for the type of device.

You are almost done at this point, all you have to do now is add or select your Wi-Fi network along with the relevant password if they are asking for it. Click on connect and wait for sometime.

After some time, you will see that the device has completed the setup and is ready to use. Now you can easily operate the Echo Dot and no App installation will be needed at all. There you have now been able to set up your Alexa in the nontraditional way.

Conclusion: Set Up Echo Dot Without App

So, we hope that it is clear to you by now that you will be able to set up your Alexa Echo without using any mobile app at all. Remember that this hack is only possible if you have Windows 10. You need to be patient while setting it up and make sure you follow all the steps so that you don’t have to do it again.

While we are pretty sure there might be other ways to set up the Echo, this is comparatively easier but of course more complicated than using an app. But if you have set your heart on not using the Alexa app then this option will work great for you. 

Lastly, before you even try to ask this question,  we would like to inform you that setting up Alexa in this way will in no way compromise its operation or functionality.  You will be able to do everything even if you follow this different way to set up the device. So, go configure your Alexa Echo and enjoy the world of smart speakers.