What Air Conditioner Size Do I Need – 5 Best Suggestions

Investing in an air conditioner requires correct information, budget, and long term commitment. You cannot just go and pick any random AC for your house. At least you have to know what air conditioner size do I need. Size does matter because if your AC is small, then it will struggle to keep the room cool, and if the AC is too big, then the room will get cold quickly without adjusting the humidity level.  So you have to choose the right to feel right and can save money.  Walkthrough this guide about getting the right size air conditioner with me.

Types Of Air Conditioners

Based on the need, energy consumption, and budget, you have to the right type of air conditioner. There are different types of air conditioners in the market. I will talk about the popular ones:

  • Central air conditioner:

The central AC cools the air from the center area and distributes the cold air with fan and ventilation systems. The air conditioner blower helps to cool down the air fast and helps to release the hot air out from the house.

  • Split and ductless air conditioner:

This type of air conditioner comes without a duct. The indoor unit draws the hot air in evaporator coils. The coil absorbs the heat and sends it back as fresh and cold air in the house. The compressor of this AC stays outside.

  • Window AC:

This air conditioner works in an individual room. You can install this AC in the window of your room. It discharges the hot air in the back and blows the cold air in the room. It is best for a small space.

  • Portable AC:

The portable AC takes the hot air with the hose from outside and cools down the air. The exhaust air goes out with another hose. You can move this AC in any place you need, and it is easy to use.

  • Hybrid AC:

This AC comes with a solar panel that works as an external heat source. The panel collects temperature and converts it into the cold air. The pressure that creates in the closed ring of the refrigerant allows the AC to work with solar power.

  • Geothermal heating and cooling:

This new technology works with the ground temperature. It extracts the heat from the ground and converts it to cool air for your house. The geothermal coil does all the work and also works to heat your home during the wintertime.

What Air Conditioner Size Do I Need?

what air conditioner size do i need

You will need to figure out the size of the air conditioner by making some important considerations. Because every house comes in different measurements, not all air conditioners will work for you. To get the perfect air conditioner size, you have to find out the four things in your house. What are they? They are:

  • Room size:

The very important thing to find out before going for an air conditioner. You have to know the space size that you want to keep cool. No, you will not need any professional help; just multiply the length of the room with the room width. If you have high ceilings, then you have to measure the floor space.  For example, you will need a 1 to 1.5 kW cooling capacity per 10 square meters of the room area. And you will need 5.6 kW per 40 to 60 square meters.

  • Insulation level:

To improve energy efficiency, nowadays, most of the house has an insulated roof. This design helps to keep the summer heat out long enough to keep the room environment cool. If you have an insulated room, then you can install a less powerful air conditioner. You will need a minimum cooling capacity while installing the AC. An uninsulated home produces 25 to 35 percent heat from the ceiling and 15 percent heat from the wall. If your house is uninsulated, then you will require an air conditioner for the maximum kW cooling capacity.

  • The location of the window:

In a room, maximum heat comes in through the window. If your room has a large window located to the west, then you will need an air conditioner with a large capacity. But if you use a blind or curtain in the window and have shades outside like trees and canopies, then they will work as insulation. Then you may need an air conditioner with less capacity.

  • The weather condition of your area:

The location of your house is also an important factor to consider while picking the right size air conditioner. If your weather comes in variety, then you have to go for the refrigerated AC.

  • The rules of keeping the room cool:

There are some adjustments you can do while picking the right size. The adjustments are:

  1. If your room has heavy shade, you can reduce the capacity to 10 percent.
  2. For a sunny room, you need to add 10 percent more in the capacity.
  3. If the room is for two persons, add an extra 600 Btu for each person.
  4. For kitchen use, you have to increase the capacity up to 4,000 Btu.

Note: if you have understood the sizing things, then check this article about how to choose an air conditioner? You will have the right air conditioner for your room.

Why Do We Use Air Conditioners?

The first thing is, we humans love to enjoy comfort in any type that comes. The air conditioner creates comfortable cold temperature to keep you cool even the sun is producing too much heat out there. Nowadays, we can’t think about staying without an AC.

The research says that a comfortable environment increases working capacity. In the summertime, the hot temperature doesn’t allow us to release our body heat. For this body feel uncomfortable, and the person can’t focus on the work. To avoid this unwanted condition, the air conditioner helps a lot.

By installing the air conditioner, you can get rid of the dust, smoke, dirt particles, and harmful allergens from the air. This helps to improve the air quality and your health stay by breathing fresh air.

If you want to work in a silent room, then turn on your AC. You will not get distracted by any noise. You can focus on your work solely.

Proper maintenance keeps the AC long-lasting to deliver healthy air for a long time.

Note: You have already know the reasons for using the air conditioners; if you want to know more about the benefits of an air conditioner, check out the next article.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will get the answers to the most common questions asked by the users.

Is it more efficient to leave the air conditioning on?

You will enjoy the efficiency of the air conditioner if you let them run at full speed. The air conditioner uses 3% to 5% less energy in every rising degree of the thermostat. To enjoy the most efficiency, leave the thermostat at 78 degrees or more.

How long can ac run continuously?

Your air conditioner will run for 15 minutes on a normal summer day. But if it runs for 30 minutes or longer, than there is a problem in your cooling system.

Can I run my AC 24/7?

Never you cannot run your air conditioner 24/7 because the continuous running creates pressure on the unit and consumes lots of energy.

Final Thought

Let me give you a pro tip; a wall-mounted air conditioner is capable of providing sufficient fresh cool air than a window air conditioner.  I think it will help you if you are still struggling with what air conditioner size do I need? The size matters because you have to keep your room temperature cold in your budget. So to avoid extra charges, pick the right size AC to make your life comfortable and productive.