How To Choose An Air Conditioner -10 Best Tips

Do you live in a place where summer is too hot? Then you have to install a good air conditioner in your home. But the reality is, picking the right air conditioner is a tricky one. There are types of air conditioners, and believe me, you will be lost in confusion. If you don’t have the right one, you will suffer a huge loss.  So, before picking up the right air conditioner, gain some knowledge on how to choose an air conditioner. Here I have tried to make the choosing process easy by giving some important tips, hope they will work for, especially for new users.

how to choose an air conditioner

Types Of Air Conditioners

As I said before, there are different air conditioners with different features in the market. Choosing a new AC to use is quiet confusing because all of them offer the best. But we have to select the one that will fit with our condition. Let me make the choosing part easy for you, here I will give some information about the types of the air conditioners that are available in the market, and you go through them carefully and select the one you need. So, here are the types:

  • Central AC:

The central AC comes with a single compressor, condenser, and evaporator. You have to place the compressor on the roof or a flat surface. From the compressor unit, the ducts run through the roof or the outside wall. The ducts draw the air from inside the house and return fresh air inside. You may find this air conditioner with heating coils or natural gas heater inside in a building. This air conditioner type is the most used type among all the air conditioners.

  • Ductless split AC:

This air conditioner type is best for the houses that don’t have ductwork. This air conditioner comes with a compressor and condenser with multiple air handling units.  You have to mount these units on the wall by attaching with the blowers. A tube helps to connect the outdoor and indoor units. This connection circulates the cold air inside and outside. You have to use a separate unit to cool the individual room. You can install this AC easily, and it allows us to control the temperature in every individual room.

  • Window air conditioner:

You will see this type of AC in every home as it is the most common to use in a single room. All the components are sealed off in a box, and there is a single regulator device that can be fitted in the wall made slot. You can place the AC on a unit.

  • Portable AC:

The features are the same as the window AC, but you can move this AC in any room you want. It is self-sufficient and freestanding AC. To exhaust the air, you can use your room’s window.

  • Hybrid AC:

This type of AC burns fossil fuels and use electricity. By this, your money and energy get saved. In the summertime, the heat pump works by drawing the heat from the indoor and throws them outside. During the winter, the system gets reversed as the pump draws the heat from the outside and distributes the air in the house.

  • Geothermal cooling and heating system:

This AC uses the newest technology. It works by taking out the heat from the ground and transferring it into the house. The coil of the geothermal is installed in the ground; it works to heat up and cool down your home. During the winter, the coil extracts the heat from the ground, and in the summer, heat is removed from the house; thus, the system works.

How To Choose An Air Conditioner?

Now, it is time to pick the air conditioner from the above types. While choosing the type, you have to decide is for one room or the whole house. These are the tips you have to follow while choosing the one you need to cool down:

  • Which type of AC do you need:

Know your requirement, budget, and the house design, then pick the one from the types of AC. For convenient use, you can choose among the window, split, and portable AC.

  • Measure your room space and calculate to get the right capacity of the AC:

The next important thing is to check the refrigerating capacity. It is measured with BTUs. This measurement helps to know how much the AC can eliminate hot air from the place. The best way is to measure the area, height, window size of your room, then check the capacity of the AC you want. It is important because if the capacity is less than your room’s area than the cooling down process will not work. For example, for a 90 to 110 sq.ft area, you will need a 1.2 ton AC that comes with 12,000 capacity.

  • Go for the energy-efficient air conditioner to save money:

Make sure the AC you pick ensures energy efficiency because the utility bills are getting higher day by day. The modern technology has come with energy-efficient features, thanks to technology. If you install an energy-efficient AC, you will not have to worry about paying extra bills.

  • AC with different filters plays a vital role in health benefits:

Nowadays, the air conditioner comes with different filters that work to improve air quality. This is good for your health. This filtration helps you with reducing asthma attacks, heatstroke, and many other medical conditions.

  • Easy to install:

Don’t go for the AC that is not easy to install. There is an air conditioner that will allow you to use through the window or by installing the pipe outside your window.

  • Promises longevity and warranty:

Choose the air conditioner that promises durability and warranty. If possible, stick with the best brands; they offer long time warranty and stable features.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Conditioner

Every machine has drawbacks and advantages, so do the air conditioner has some.

The advantages are:

  • Works smoothly at any humidity level.
  • Cools down the environment at any cost
  • Keeps the humidity level in a comfortable range.
  • Works without noise
  • Improves the air quality

The disadvantages are:

  • Costly machine
  • Needs high maintenance
  • Consumes huge power
  • Requires special installment process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here I have tried to give answers to the common questions that especially users do.

Is air conditioner harmful to health?

If you monitor the system wisely and closely, AC will not cause any harm to your health. But researches say the AC lowers the health risk by removing the outdoor pollution from the room air.

Is it bad to sleep with air conditioners on?

Yes, it is bad to sleep with air conditioners for a long time because the AC absorbs the humidity of the room. For this, your skin, throat, mouth, and other body parts get dry.

Can you get sick from air conditioning?

Yes, you may get sick from the air conditioning when you are not cleaning your air conditioner properly. The air conditioner creates an unhygienic environment with mold, bacteria, and fungi and makes you sick.

Final Thought

To enjoy a healthy and cold environment, you have to know how to choose an air conditioner. It is really important because, with the right air conditioner installed in your room, you can enjoy all the benefits you want. But you need to maintain the cleanliness of the machine or else you will get sick as it will tend to create polluted air in the environment.