Does Roomba Work on Thick Carpet – Expert’s Opinion

Roomba has become a trustworthy name when it comes to smart vacuum cleaners. There are many generations and models of roomba available. So you can surely find an option that suits your necessity the best.

Now, one popular question about this vacuum cleaner is, ‘Does roomba work on thick carpet?’ The answer is yes, it does. There are some models of roomba that excels in cleaning both hard-floors and carpets.

Roomba does work on thick carpets. In fact some of the latest roomba models work excellently on carpets. These smart vacuum cleaners automatically change to carpet mode without any manual help. However, not all models of roombas work effectively on carpets.

Let’s dive in to have more idea….

Overview of Roomba

It is an automatic vacuum cleaner marketed by iRobot. It is equipped with a few sensors that help navigate the device, detect obstacles, select routes etc. Roomba uses photoelectric cells to detect objects. Infrared sensors and photocell together helps the device to clean the room.

Does Roomba Work on Thick Carpet

Some Sensors That Roombas Use

Probably the most interesting sensor used in this device is the piezoelectric sensor. When roomba hits dirt, this sensor helps it detect an electric impulse, and then it collects the dirt.

Sensors That Roombas Use

The latest models such 980; i7 and later ones use VSLAM (Vision Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). It is used to build a map dynamically and to store so that it can help make cleaning sessions gradually more efficient. Latest models also have a front facing camera that reads the floor map and the center system designs its route based on this.

Also new virtual walls can create a boundary for it. So you can decide which portion of your room this device cannot reach.

Recent models also come with wifi and phone app. Users can use this app to command the device. They can also set a cleaning schedule for it. App notifies the users about the device’s battery status, when the bin is full or even when it gets stuck.

This vacuum cleaner has a dedicated carpet mode. It automatically goes into performance mode when it detects carpets or rugs which results in a deeper cleaning. But it gets louder and the battery runs out quicker in this mode.

One interesting fact about these cleaners is, they automatically find their way back to the docking station once they run out of battery. Not only this, they can even restart cleaning from where they left off.

Its mapping system quite impressively let it clean all the spaces. It’s also small enough to go under some furniture.

Some models of roomba are great robotic vacuums for thick carpet cleans carpets pretty efficiently. The device can take small to chunky debris in seamlessly. However, it may take longer to clean carpets. And the suction and cleaning performance will depend on which model you go for.

This device can also detect if a certain spot is very dirty, so it would go over that dirt multiple times to clean it properly. This feature comes very handy in carpet cleaning. That’s because carpets tend to have more stubborn dirt than floors.

Also, Roomba does not have problem with hair. It can take in a few inches long hair easily. But it does face some negligible tangling issue when the hair is longer.

One of the many reasons behind roombas good performance is that it has duo brush technique. This allows it to clean better on less battery charge.

How Does Roomba Work on Thick Carpet

To get this answer, you have to check out several factors. Let’s know the key factors one by one.

Roomba models that work the best on carpets

800 series or models that were launched later are good choices for vacuuming carpets. These versions of Roomba come with the AeroForce 3-stage Cleaning System. This helps the device to not suck long carpet fibers up rather it chews them to prevent the hair getting tangled up in the motors.

Ways To Know That Your Roomba Is Working Well On Carpets

It’s easy to track how your roomba is doing on the carpets. All you need to do is to check the color of the light on the device, though this indication can vary depending on your model. Let’s know the processes of such tracking.

roomba is working well on carpets

  • Roomba does the job fine if the light is solid blue. This means roomba is intensely working with all its glory.
  • If it’s blue starfish light, the device is probably not working to its best capacity. The device is probably struggling and slowing down a bit. But it’s not lethal for your device.
  • However, if the roomba completely stops on a carpet, you might need to turn it off to keep it from burning down its motors.

Why Are Roombas So Expensive?

Roombas undoubtedly come with eye-watering price tags. But one thing we all need to remember is, this tool is not a necessity but a luxury in most cases. iRobot takes an effective and expensive approach in making these devices.

The parts used in Roomba are way more durable and expensive. And assembling these parts also requires more time. It’s tailored with significantly more efficient engineering. So undoubtedly, designing this takes more effort and brainstorming.

Battery of roomba is way more powerful than that of most other brands. Battery is also very sophisticated and comes with a great power board. Its motherboard is large and equipped with a better quality processor.

Roombas sensors are much more efficient. The user experience is overall almost top-notch. Latest ones come with apps, docks also it cleans itself to some extent.

For these reasons Roombas give users a more comfortable, hassle-free and efficient cleaning experience. And great gadgets will definitely cost more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a Roomba on carpet?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely use Roomba on carpet.

Does Roomba 600 work on carpet?

Answer: It can clean the carpet to some extent. But roomba 600 is not the best choice for carpet cleaning.

How many years does Roomba last?

Answer: It depends on so many factors. But it will probably last for four to six years if you maintain it properly.

Can I run my Roomba every day?

Answer: Yes, you can run your Roomba everyday if necessary.

Which Roomba works best on carpet?

Answer: Roomba i3 works the best on carpets. It has double rubber brushes which are perfect for cleaning carpets.

Is Roomba bad for carpet?

No, but some initial models of roomba are not great for thick carpets.

What is the best robot vacuum on the market?

Answer: This is difficult to decide. But Roomba really has a wide range of very good quality vacuum cleaners. So it’s safe to say you can surely find excellent vacuum cleaners from Roomba as per your convenience.