Are Robot Vacuums Worth It – 5 Reason Why Use Vacuums

Vacuuming and keeping a floor clean is one of the most annoying things in our busy life. Imagine you’re finally getting retired from the cleaning hassle, and the house is automatically getting its cleaning job! Well, a robotic vacuum turns that dream into a reality! It does what a robot does, keeping your house clean without needing you in the process. It cleans the debris, stores them, charges itself, and keeps cleaning.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

However, with the added benefits and the price point they come with, the biggest question is, are robot vacuums worth it? Well, the answer depends on what your chosen robot vacuum offers and what you are getting out of it. Today, we’ll talk about them so that you can decide if you should go for a robot vacuum cleaner or not.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

A robot vacuum has a ton of benefits to offer, and every single house also has its special requirements to fulfill. So, I’ll get you through the common and important benefits of them, which will answer the question, Are robot vacuums worth it or not:

  • They Are Incredibly Efficient:

Cleaning your house itself is a bothersome job you must do every day, whether you want or not. Investing a large amount of time in vacuuming and cleaning affects your productivity and healthy living. A robot vacuum cleaner comes into play as a productivity booster in your house. Once you have a robot vacuum in your home, it takes over the cleaning hassle and keeps it clean with the utmost efficiency. It will detect any dust or cleanable thing on the floor and clean it right away.

  • Super easy to use:

When it comes to operating a vacuum cleaning unit, a robot vacuum has the least amount of operating requirements. All you have to do is get the cleaner, set it up on its place, and spend some time training it. It will learn about the size of the floor, the obstacles, and map the house. Once you set a timer schedule, it will start cleaning your house without requiring you to operate it again. Now you can collect the dust from the vacuum chamber from time to time, and that’s all you need to do.

  • Floor mapping technology:

When you get a robot vacuum cleaner, it needs to know about the floor it’s going to clean. The floor mapping technology in robot cleaners brings a revolutionary solution to automation. It will run through the whole house floor and make a map for future cleaning plans. You will have to train the robot for the first use, and it will learn how to keep your house clean with the recorded map. When you’re not operating it manually, it will use that map to clean the house automatically.

  • They are the biggest time saver:

If you don’t have enough time to operate it, it works on its own without needing you in charge. If you’re out of the home, sleeping, or working, it will keep the house clean. You can forget about house cleaning and concentrate on your busy schedule at work. No more hand vacuum and wasting a big chunk of time every day cleaning your house.

  • Self-charging for effortless operation:

Having an electronic gadget means you need to worry about running out of battery, which is a hassle for sure. However, when you own a robotic vacuum cleaner, that’s not a big deal to worry about. The robot cleaner will charge itself when it runs out of battery and needs a charge to stay on. Every robot cleaner will come with a charging dock, which you have to put on the floor. The robot will learn how to roll to the dock and put its charging connector on it to get fully charged.

  • They work on different surfaces:

Regardless of the type of surface you have in your house, a robot vacuum cleaner can work on any surface. If you have a tile surface with a carpet in the middle of the room, it can climb the carpet and clean different types of surfaces in your house effortlessly. High-end robot vacuum cleaners can clean different types of surfaces in the same cleaning cycle. However, if you have a laminate floor, you have to consider some special features in the vacuum. Go through this review and guide this article on the best robot vacuum for laminate floors.

  • Cleaning solution for handicapped and elderly:

If you’re a person with a physical disability that keeps you from cleaning your house, a robot cleaner is a blessing for you. It helps you be free from depending on people who help you with the cleaning. The robot cleaner will keep it clean automatically without any effort from you. Robot cleaner’s hands-free operation capability gives the elderly and the handicaps a great chance to keep clean automatically or with a remote controller.

Why Do You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Robot vacuums have taken off to a great extent in recent years because they are incredibly beneficial when it comes to automotive cleaning. However, before you buy your robot vacuum cleaner, you must know the pros and cons of them, so follow along:

Advantages Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Here are the advantages you can get if you own a robot vacuum for cleaning your house:

  • Schedule cleaning: Robot vacuum cleaners come with automatic cleaning schedule technology. So, you can give it a timer, and it will start cleaning your house on time.
  • Dust detection: The robot vacuums can detect dust automatically when it falls on the floor, even if it’s a hair from your dog. It will detect it and clean it instantly, keeping the floor clean.
  • Cost-efficient: Robot vacuum cleaners use much less energy compared to a regular manual vacuum cleaner. Hence, they are an economical cleaning solution in the long run.
  • Spot-cleaning: Robot cleaners offer a great solution for small messes or spills. It doesn’t search the entire floor to clean; it can detect the dirt and spot clean it instantly.

Disadvantages Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Although the robot vacuum cleaners seem to be impressive, they also come with some disadvantages, such as:

  • Needs vacuum proofing: Robotic vacuums are all-automatic, and it might try to suck in pet toys, your socks, or other small objects. So, they will be stuck in the process unless you keep it organized.
  • Get trapped: Sometimes, a robot vacuum may keep cleaning and get into a narrow space where it cannot return because of obstacles. And they can get stuck if you have cords and extension cables on the floor.
  • Falls short sometimes: Robot vacuum cleaners usually don’t do a great job when you’re using it on a black floor. Make sure you know how to choose a robot vacuum to get the one that can work on a black floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about robot vacuum cleaners you might have in your mind:

Are robot vacuums eco friendly?

Yes, robot vacuums are eco friendly; they don’t pump toxicity into the air and consume less energy.

Are robot vacuums noisy?

If you choose the right vacuum, you’ll not even notice the noise it creates while cleaning.

How much electricity does a robot vacuum use?

Robot vacuums are energy efficient, and they don’t use electricity more than a laptop does.

Final Thought

If you use a manual vacuum cleaner every day, you have to operate it yourself, which is annoying. A robot cleaner comes to a huge advantage and requires you to set it up just once and for all. Despite some considerable flaws, if you ask, are robot vacuums worth it? The answer would be yes if you’re looking for a hassle-free productive lifestyle where the cleaning is not a brainer anymore. No matter if you’re too busy to clean your house or if you’re elderly or handicapped, it will help you as an effortless, economical solution.